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Prepper: Obama to become Antichrist, enact martial law ‘any day now’


LOONEYVILLE, W.Va. — In the closing days of Barack Obama’s presidency, a local prepper and militia commander believes the 44th President will become the Antichrist or at least implement martial law “any day now.”

“He must be planning his endgame at this late stage,” said retired Lance Cpl. James “Colonel” Harris during an interview. “I’m sure it’s gonna happen any minute.”

The former Marine Corps Finance Technician and long-time “doomsday prepper” says he and his followers in the Last Stand Militia are “ready to take the fight to the gubmint.”

They plan to take action once Obama “declares himself dictator of America, begins sending civilians to internment camps, and/or comes for everyone’s guns” — among many other possible scenarios.

“Preppers” is a nickname for those who stockpile weapons, ammunition, survival gear, and non-perishable foods in underground bunkers. They preparefor the day when UN or American troops and tanks roll into their backwoods communities.

Over the past five years, Harris and his militia members have been busy doing just that, in addition to their marksmanship training and monthly force-on-force exercises with Airsoft guns. Last Stand Militia members also attend weekly meetings to keep up on the latest signs of the apocalypse.

The militia’s intelligence analyst, Hank Mayfield, gave reporters a brief timeline of alarming developments before and during Obama’s second term.

“The whole story with the Army SF training Russian soldiers back in 2012 set off some red flags,” explained Mayfield, a short-order cook with no previous military experience, as he clicked through various Internet tabs set to Fox News and Alex Jones.

“The Green Berets are experts in counterinsurgency, so who better to train foreign soldiers to occupy our nation and turn it into a communist police state?”

“Then, that article from the Chicago newspaper came out and exposed Obama’s plans to declare war on all God-fearing Americans. The timing was too perfect.”

Mayfield mentioned that things were pretty quiet for a while, until Jade Helm 15, when the militia’s alarm bells went off again.

“I was sure that had to be it! Of course Obama would send troops to invade a state that’s already part of the US. Surely that would signal his secret police and leftist minions to begin their mass takeover.”

The self-taught intelligence analyst sighed as he recounted how, once again, Obama didn’t make any moves to become Dictator of America, and hasn’t since.

However, Harris and Mayfield expressed optimism at the idea of a potential Trump presidency, stating “at least he’ll keep people from the Nation of Islam out of our country.”

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  1. I was an engineer officer on a DoD-owned merchant ship that brought military vehicles to the continental US to participate in Jade Helm 15. A local militia where I live has been trying to recruit me because I was honorably discharged from the US’ military and am pro-2nd Amendment. I’m so confused. B^)

  2. Hi Fellas, a few suggestions to solve the recruitment problem, and assist The Patriotic Preppers to rise to new heights of Preparedness'. This fresh blood will enable those at thePointy end’ of things some respite from what must seem like perpetual Front Line Combat

    1 : Forget the uniformed Recruitment Officers in the Mall carparks. Most of the preppers think they are part of the problem anyway.

    2 : Stick the above Officers into their oldest Camos, carrying their well used old pattern sidearms, and patrol (Troll) Gun Shows.

    3: Let it be known that there is a highly secret initiative to defend Article 2 of The Constitution and thus The Nation. This is of course will be af a highly secret nature, will require Oaths of Secrecy, sworn upon The Constitution, and may take several months.

    4 : Sign them up. (The contract should be drawn up in the manner used by the Banks i.e. Printed on off-white paper with The Pitch' in bold on the front, with many references toPatriotism’, Ultimate Survivalist Warrior' Qualifications, special uniforms, and the latest in high tech equipment etc. TheFine Print’ should be on the reverse, and, in keeping with Banking Tradition, be printed in pale grey in approx 5 point font rendering it unreadable without an Electron Microscope, and couched in such language that a Supreme Court Attorney would grow old deciphering it.

    5 : Arrange a pickup, the more clandestine the better (Consider using exotic vehicles, Gaz trucks are cheap and plentiful, and just keeping them running will be a good source of basic mechanical training for those requiring it.

    6 /: Isolated Training Facilities are plentiful due to unending budget cuts, but these should be modified to reflect more Militia' than Military. Most Preppers will have at least rudimentary small arms skills, so an intensive small arms and combat course, associated with a gruelling fitness regime, will reduce any urge to break security. This phase should be achieved at low cost, as the Preppers are already mentally prepared for times of privation.

    Estimated time would 4-6 Weeks.

    Phase 2; Deployment.

    The Air Force would supply transport, (suggested, C17s, insignia masked, and crews in civilian clothes, (Consult CIA if assistance required). Given a month's notice, the possibility of the Air Force pulling this off is high.

    Prior to deployment, Morale raising celebrations should be conducted, with the (Top Secret news that final graduation Exercises will be held in a secret location, probably somewhere in Texas, with the Aircraft doing an extended routing to avoid Government and Media suspicions.

    Insert into theatre. On the flight they should be told that they may see some regular US Army activities in the same area, but there should be no fraternisation, as these are also Top Secret, just using the same raining facilities.

    Handover should be done at night, with no mixing with outgoing Army units.

    The unit commanders should then brief that theBlack Force’ units have been infiltrated by (Insert local Terrorist group), and that lethal force will be required. Assurances should be given that this problem is temporary (Unit commanders should refer to the briefing manuals under Home by Christmas' for templates) and this will be fixed as soon as theBlack Force’ Infiltrators see the calibre of the Real Americans facing them.

    There we have it, a well deserved rest for the front line troops, and no more having to pussy about with paintballs for the Patriots!

    Sorry this is a bit long, but the Keyboard ran away with me. Good luck to all at the `Pointy End’ of things.

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