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Marine Officer’s Wife Emotionally Disturbed After Being Denied Salute


OKINAWA, Japan — Some have remarked that being a Marine Wife is the ‘toughest job in the Corps,’ but for one spouse, it’s gotten even tougher. As she recently pulled into the main gate of Camp Foster, Michelle Sully suffered severe emotional distress after Lance Cpl. Kevin Hansen failed to render a salute to her vehicle last Thursday.

“It was just so terrible,” Sully said between tears. “I drove my car up to the guardhouse, and after he [Hansen] checked my ID, he just… stood there. No salute, barely even a wave.”

The vehicle in question — a gray Nissan Skyline favored by DoD personnel stationed on Okinawa — was clearly marked, with the blue decal denoting it as an officer’s vehicle prominently placed on the windshield. The vehicle’s bumper also bore several “Marine Officer’s Wife” and “His Boots, Her Sandals” stickers, further solidifying the fact that this vehicle demanded respect.

When questioned about his violation of protocol, Hansen was apologetic.

“I just don’t know how I could have made such an awful mistake,” Hansen said. “I’d personally like to apologize to the blue decal for any suffering I may have caused.”

Hansen’s immediate supervisor, Staff Sgt. Eric Doney, is currently contemplating battalion level non-judicial punishment, and had choice words to say on the matter.

“We MP’s care a lot about the customs and courtesies of the Corps. The dishonor and lack of respect Lance Cpl. Hansen showed to that poor little blue decal. It fills me with contempt.”

“Mrs. Lieutenant Sully,” as she demands to be referred to, is currently seeking unspecified damages against Hansen for the emotional distress she experienced. The case is currently pending.

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  1. You got to be freaking kidding no bitch deserves respect her husband gets that fucking honor not some dumb bitch that thinks she rates something. That Lance Corporal was right the sticker gets it not her lmao

  2. Ok first of all, her husband needs to be kicked out for alloweing her to nehave that badly, second of all I know several women who currelty think their wear their husbands rank and it has gotten to the point where the soldier is aiding and allowing the wife acces to information and locations that violate opsec, i also know of one other lady who wears several soldiers ranks who works her way through installation hmmmmm sounds like a threat to me! Yeah I am a sgt wife but i did not go through basic ait, and all the crap that these soldiers go through, there is a very simple solution, get the f off the installation! this problem has been getting worse since they let pansies in the service, and going privatized has made everything worse, the installation commands have lost control over what they are allowed to do. so it is simple either she gets off post or they both go out of the military.

  3. You guys are a bunch of retards, this is a joke, satire, he would not be punished for such an act, there is no violation dip steaks.

  4. Oh man when I was with MP Co (FAP from 3/3 FORCE LIMA)on K-Bay I seriously pissed off a Captains wife that was craving that salute. We were under order to check ID’s 24/7 and the Major said if no officer is aboard do not salute, he was a no nonsense type mofo. I was at the back gate going out to Kailua…and she pulled up to come on base and I checked ID and waved her through and she sat there staring at me like a goat. I waved her though again and she copped an attitude that she rated a salute. I told her to GTFO of the gate area, so she PULLED OVER and got out of her car and came over and asked me if I knew who her husband was and I was like “No but I bet your going to tell me!” and she got even more PISSED and THEN threatened my hallowed rank of Lance Corporal, because her husband was a Captain. To this day, I feel sorry for that Captain. Sir, you really married the wrong woman. I think he was a Mustang because I never heard a damn thing about it afterwards. Hopefully he told her to shut up, and never do that again. She was a heartbeat away from an OC Spray makeover.

  5. Years ago we pulled guard duty at pearl. Our solution to this be it a joke or real was a smart left hand salute. No one ever caught us!!

  6. This woman needs to get over herself and get a life!

    The best compliment my wife ever got from the wife of an enlisted member we attended church with during my years as a military officer: “Wow, you don’t seem like an officers’ wife!”

  7. To the author of this story, you Sir, are one hell of writer, but unfortunately, it’s the comments that are making me laugh harder.

    To the guys who ‘get it’, keep laughing at the guys who don’t…because we’ll only run out of breath trying to help them ‘get it’.

    Keep it up Duffel Blog!

  8. I was an MP gate guard, our duty officer told us we didn’t need to salute women in civilian clothes at the gate, driving cars with Blue stickers. I recognized the Colonel Brigade Commander, as she drove up in a very spring like outfit, took a lot of control not to salute her. I follow orders. She screeched to a stop, I saluted and expained, that I was going to but….. duty Captian…said “Nooooo”, her face turned red, and I told her he was at the Provost Marshall Office, right now. He got his visit.

  9. @Cpt 2003 I completely agree with you about certain spouses deseve respect based upon their conduct and not just the rank of their husband. You described it perfectly and I sir would happily salute you anyday thank you for you service!

  10. Okay, satire or not we all can agree that there are actually wives like this in the Military and not just in the Marine Corps; with that being said as a Marine wife, I feel like wives do deserve some sort of aknoweledgement clearly not to the ridiculous degree of being saluted, or getting special military treatment that would normally be given to her husband but the aknowlegment that as a wife she is important for what she goes through to be married to a man in the military because, its not something every woman can do its actually quite difficult; is this woman an extreme YES!!! but for people to come on here and say general statements about military wives is unfair to the majority of wives like myself, who can support their husbands but doesn’t let it define their identity.

    • and you know Ms. Burrell, I was a ‘brat’ before I was an enlisted Marine, a cadet, and an Officer of the Army, so I write from a certain ‘level’ of experience . . . I recall when my mother wore long dresses or skirts to the commissary (and wore gloves), and attended (and over time hosted) coffees and teas for the wives of Company and Field officers (in the OWC) depending on my father’s postion and grade. I also recall the conversations (invariably overheard) about wives who ‘did not play Army’ and various banter about fraternizing with the wives of the ‘other ranks’ (aka enlisted) – who – by the way – lived on the other side of post (pick the post, pretty much the same everywhere). Incidentally, this mentality also translates to dependent schools on installation where relative status is based first upon “what housing division you live in” (Cole Park versus Werner Park versus Turner Loop – at Campbell) and then what is your father’s rank, and then what does your father do. So – YES – this satirical stuff goes on – but from a Marine perspective (and Marines have 11 General Orders) it is #10 that applies here – salute all officers, colors, and standards not cased – that is why the blue decal gets a salute. To the degree that a spouse conducts FRGs and supports the troops, therein is the measure of utility evaluated – the more helpful and available – the more respected – the reverse is also true. There are also spouses that are completely without worth (and that applies both to those who wear rank and those who don’t) – that forget marital obligations, etc. the moment the member goes downrange – too many of those too – but that is another lesson . . . SIlverKnight 37 OUT

  11. Some of the best laughs I get are reading the indignant posts of those who think this is real! SO don’t clue them in that it is satire, let them go on. SOMEDAY they will realize what it is about, and they will feel very embarassed.

  12. I absolutely love this site, and am never, ever visiting The Onion again. That would be treasonous, I tells ya.
    Just wanted to say that I have spent the last three days here, reading every article I could find, and have enjoyed the experience enourmously. The comments that usually immediately follow said articles are worth reading every time, although…… I am finding it perfectly appalling how often presumably educated adults need to be reminded that what they are reading is SATIRE, it is a JOKE, it is NOT REAL, and they need to calm…the…fuck…down.
    God Bless America.
    God Bless Her military.
    Thankyou for this opportunity.
    Michael D Young
    Ontario, CANADA

  13. As an officer wife, it is as much our duty as our husband’s to enforce the regulations. If the enlisted troops decide that they can ignore the rank of the car and not salute it, then I feel that I am within my rights to make them show me the respect that I am due. The rendering of a salute to an officer’s wife (and driving age children) is the correct thing to do according to the UCMJ and whatever punishment the enlisted gate guard gets will send a signal to all others to respect their superiors.

    • Let me just say this. You are utterly retarded. You do not wear your husbands rank and you most certainly do not have the right to make anyone show you respect. I would rather pull through a gate and be greeted with a hi how are you then create a huge ole scene because of a sticker. The only time that you ever have a right to show rank is if you earned that rank. Marrying someone does not entitle you to that rank/ It is officer’s wives like you that make a huge gap between enlisted and officer’s wives. We are not a special breed or anything. We all just happened to fall in love with a man that is in the military. so let me repeat this again YOU DO NOT WEAR HIS RANK , YOU ARE NOT SUPERIOR TO ENLISTED. The only thing that honestly designates the difference between an officer and enlisted is schooling. So do us all a favor since you think are that high and mighty because of “your husbands” rank . try working the gate or another enlisted job instead of sitting on your pedestal. Someone needs to bring you back from cloud 9. If we all wore our husbands rank then we all might as well go sign a contract with the military too. so do us all a favor and remember one thing while you demand respect from the enlisted. If it werent for the enlisted taking on the jobs that they do it be your husband doing the grunt work. So get the hell over yourself!

      • Mr. Nam,
        As I’ve told many a gate guard – and I’ll tell you: This is going to be a one-way conversation…
        I suggest that you lose the “all capital letters” attitude or you’ll be answering to a charge sheet for insubordination.

        • are you serious right now? I have a question for you. Are you serving in the military and are you an officer? if you said no to that question then soldiers do not need to salute you. you are not their superior if you married a man who is their superior. their power is not automatically yours. Stop being such an entitled beotch

          • Crazyc, the answer to your two questions is “no” and “no”. Now, I suggest you take some notes here… First, since you mentioned “soldiers” I must assume you are in the Army and don’t know any better, but in the Marine Corps a husband and his wife make up a command team. I went to the wives Commander’s Course and upon graduation, we were fully empowered with the authority of our husband’s command status. Secondly, you are right that the power is not “automatically” mine, I worked for it -and I worked for it damned hard! So, if your GPS ever breaks down on your way to Ft Bragg and you find yourself lost aboard Camp Lejeune, you’d better be ready with a snappy salute for this Marines wife in her Dodge Caravan or you won’t like what happens next!

  14. WOW…LoL, I guess someone likes to wear her hubby’s rank! Does this chick also need someone to hold her hands everyday he is on deployment too? Boo…hoo! As a Marine wife myself, I am ashamed of women like this…you missy did NOT earn his rank, he did all himself.

  15. I honestly don’t know what makes me laugh more……..reading these “articles” or reading the comments posted below it. All I can say is…….Duffle Blog, you guys are great! Keep up the good work!

  16. The stupid thing is to ever salute a decal. I instructed my Marines to not follow dumb orders. The new thing is to put little animal decals on as well. Last week, I saw what looked like a baby eagle beside a blue decal.. That night, I added a batman symbol to my windshield.

  17. I just did a quick check of “global” and non of the names come up…nothing even close. Sadly the story is either BS or the names where changed. As mush as I hate to say it but before I retired (I am a Mustang) there were senior enlisted wives that believed they had rank as well.

    • Capt B – dude – this is a satire site – obviously the names won’t show up in global – if there is any (and this is highly doubtful) relationship to actual soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, etc., the names would be changed to protect the innocent (or guilty). That written – I too am a mustang and can state categorically that former enlisted Marines make the very finest Army officers (I digress), but I do seem to recall one day on liberty in the parking lot of the mall in Pensacola, when as a non-rate in Dress Blue Deltas I got publicly chewed out by (what turned out to be) a Naval officer (in civilian clothes) because I failed to properly greet his car’s decal as it passed me – it was clearly my fault as I should have been paying close attention to the car as it approached me from behind and I should have stopped and turned around so that I could have more enthusiastically greeted this young officer (knowing that it is my duty as a Marine so “salute all officers, colors, and standards not cased) . . . I bring this up because it happens – I was not the first Marine to miss a decal, and I wont be the last. In fact, I was not saluted by a Marine on the gate at MCAS Yuma (even though my vehicle prominently displayed its blue decal (from US Army Yuma Proving Ground) – I was a bit suprised – so I stopped and asked the young Marine about his 10th general order and he (even more amazingly) gave me a flip reply about not saluting civilians – he was a bit more respectful (and appologetic) after I displayed my ID Card. Kids will be kids – it happens – I can say though for a fact that rolling through a gate on an AFB (guarded by an airman and not a civilian) I have always recieved a sharp salute and proper greeting of the day – must have something to do with the ‘100% ID check . . .” Semper Fidelis!

  18. This crap is for real… we get toasted in Brief at least once a week because some numbnuts forgot/missed/didnt/couldnt or whatever reason salute some dependopatumus O-Wife/Daughter/Son.

  19. I like that General for setting the women straight !!!………The LT. should put his Jack Ass wife over his knee and give a good spanking. I don’t care if her husband is a General or an Admiral, she’s a damn civilian !!!…. Who the hell does she think she is ?

  20. I think the comments for this story were funnier then the made up story, because the comments were real!

  21. It would be funnier still if it wasn’t also true.

    An Officer Spouse Club-type initiative at MCAS CP a few years back was to have members wear their spouse’s rank insignia. This was quickly quashed.

    But to this day, go to any of these clubs and see if the Generals’ and Colonels’ (and the occasional Major) wives don’t actually think they have the same rank, and don’t fear having their spouse do their bidding and pull actual rank when things don’t go their way. I could name a specific Off Spouse Org, but doing so would likely get me skylined!

  22. I hope they have to maintain the same grooming standards. So many wives would have to start trimming their back hair and unibrows.

    • OK — I’m BRAND NEW to the blog — and I get it now — it’s all spoof!! Thanks!! (Thought it was too — something — to be true! 😉 )

  23. I learned of that “officer’s wife” speech from my wife, who was told that while at a support group for. She and others had no problem w/that…I was lucky though, looking back, that she learned of the protocol from a women…and not me…Made life so much bearable. LOL
    Whenever I remarry, I mention that bit of info to my new wife so that she doesn’t feel hurt when @ the post for anything…LOL

  24. I didn’t even read this!! All I have to say is get over yourself and stop wearing your husbands rank!!! He earned it not you!! Ridiculous!!! Just like you should go ahead of lines at the commissary and exchange. Lol uh yeah no, men and women in uniform earned that right!!

  25. This lady is joking right?i know she is,somewhere hidden deep down there is a funny ass punchline, like gotcha or justkidding, right?…Right?…okay maybe not..

  26. when I was security and standing gate guard at NAS Whidbey Island, I would wait till the vehicle pulled up, the driver showed me his or her ID and if it was an officer THEN I would salute them.. I would not, and was not expected to salute a sticker. (I did get a little pucker factor when an older gentleman and his wife pulled up, with a blue sticker and 4 silver stars below it) he was a retired US Coast Guard Admiral..

    • Retired CG Admiral? That’s years of proud puddle wading and cutter commanding. I bet he was once splashed when they saw rough water just off the coast. Probably took minutes to get back to the dock to. That’s one salty old dog there. Think he ever lost sight of the shoreline?


  28. What’s worse then this, How about being close to retirement your on an extended deployment and your spouse comes up pregnent and tells you your not the dad of the new baby and before the divorce is final tricare med pays for the babys care and all medical bills for the cheating spouse. Then you end up giving half of your retirement and up tp 50% of any VA disablity after the divorce because state judges will not deny a spouce any part of retirment for any reason.. (BETTER CHECK OUT THE USFSPA).

    • yep – and I thought I was the poster child for “why you should never give a general power of attorney to anyone” sad story, been there, done that, walked away fleeced – keep the faith!

  29. This wife should actually sign up for the military then demand respect. If this kid is punish for her arrogance I am writing the white house and demanding her husband be dishonorable discharged for his stupidity. He hasn’t even been in the military long enough as a LT to earn respect much less his stupid wife. Tell her to go get job. When her husband makes 06 or above, at that time we will look at her as earning some respect. What a joke.

  30. You have got to be kidding me. This is a joke right? Who cares if she is an officer’s wife. She isn’t in the military, she doesn’t deserve to be saluted. Pathetic.

  31. This bitch for real? Seriously? Fucking idiot. She isn’t entitled to SHIT! She married the MAN, she didn’t join the corps. Dumb cunt.

  32. “Mrs LT” needd to get a grip. If that is all it takes to cause emotional distress she isn’t going to last long as a Marine’s. It is her husband who has earned the salute, not her. It is the car with the sticker being saluted, not her.

    USMC, Ret.

  33. As the newlywed wife of a USMC Major, I thought your post was very funny and appreciate the parody. I will never forget the first time I drove into Camp Lejeune by myself, shortly after our wedding a few months ago. I had my newly minted DEERS card and decided to go shop for groceries at the commissary. I’d been on base a several times before with my husband and I was used to seeing the sentry render a salute to him each time we entered. But when I approached the sentry for the first time by myself with my ID out and he suddenly snapped off a salute, I was flabbergasted! He said, “Have a good day, ma’am!” and I think I mumbled my thanks as I proceeded, but it really threw me for a loop. When I got home I told my husband what had happened. I said, “I think he must have read my ID wrong and thought I was an officer! It was so weird!” He laughed and explained to me that Marines are expected to “salute the sticker.” And he said that every time he is saluted he always remembers that they’re not saluting him personally, but his rank. I takes some getting used to. There I am in our Jeep with an officer’s sticker on it, my husband “the Major” nowhere in sight, and yet the sentry always, always, always salutes. I now just make a habit of smiling in return and saying thanks, but I am keenly aware that it is not me they are saluting.

  34. The reason I thought this was so funny was because my friend told me of a story (that is very true) about a LCpl not saluting a dependent wife one time. The thing that makes it so funny is when the dependent “corrected” him for not saluting he walked to the front of the vehicle and while saluting said “Good afternoon blue sticker”. The dependent then started getting frustrated demanding he salute her. The LCpl, without losing his cool, then told her to move or he was going to write her up for impeding traffic. Gotta love MPs!

  35. Oh my god. This is pathetic. She should not get rendered a salute, as she never endured the training, she doesn’t have to deploy etc. I feel this is another one of the “household 6” I wear my husbands rank situations.

  36. From a former sergeant of marines, let me say this:

    If the Marine corps wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one and this week willed, pathetic excuse for a Marine wife is exactly why that saying is worth its weight in gold.

    I would be willing to bet a paycheck that the poor Marine Lt. Is married to isn’t event a grunt. Nuff said….

  37. Haha, some people need to learn that mp’s have better things to do than put up with the slob dependants that think they rate a salute.

  38. Since when do the mp’s gaurd the vehical gates on the rock? When I wass there it was the jp’s

  39. Im a former Marine and i have had officer’s wives try and use their husbands rank to get me to do what they wanted and i just walk away from them. i think its funny because i know this kind of thing happens alot.

  40. IT is a ridiculous notion that a wife would expect a salute, but people keep saying it is a satire, and I want to know where it denotes that. I’ve know some military wives who had “attitudes”., believing they were due the same honor as their spouse..and Dr’s wives too..

  41. Regardless of whether or not it’s satire, this kind of thing does happen. They get mad If anyone parks in their reserved spots at the commissary, doesn’t salute them, etc. it’s bull. Just as everyone else here has stated, THEY DON’T HAVE ANY RANK-THEIR HUSBANDS DO. Their heads are entirely too swollen. What’s the saying-if the marine corps wanted you to have a spouse, they’d issue one?! That’s the truth of the matter. Spouses are deserving of respect, just as any human is, but they do not deserve to be saluted.

  42. Marines do not have decals in thier windshields in Okinawa. I am a marine stationed in Okinawa.

  43. I found the best way to treat officers wives was to fuck them. After all, thats what most of them wanted…….

  44. Emotional distress?? I wouldve helped her out by putting her out of her misery. Youre welcome!

  45. Okinawa officer decals aren’t blue… Just an “O” sticker in the center of the windshield. Just sayin.

  46. Actually, this is really going on right now, all of you that think this is a satire or a joke, its not… Just saying…

  47. Why should that Lance Corporal be punished? The officer was not in the vehicle. Spouse are not the one who give their life. Why do they think that they should receive the same treatment as the soldier.

    • He’s a Marine not a solider. The purpose of saluting the blue sticker is respect to the sticker being blue. It doesn’t matter who is driving the vehicle. However, the spouse should know this and know the salute is for her husband, which is the reason she has a blue sticker.

      Silly spouses….they give us all a bad rap

      • the article’s a joke. i’m a spouse, and i know you don’t salute a fucking sticker.

      • “Hes a marine not a soldier.”

        Well you’re a fucking idiot, not a person.

        And the fucking site is satire.

  48. How DARE this woman demand such honor. The Soldiers in Arlington are probably rolling in their graves. What fucking RIGHT do yout hink you have lady to demand such a prestigous honor? I am a Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Army, and had I been pulling gate guard, Iw ould have done the SAME THING. I render Salutes to those who bear the rank of 2LT-General of the Army, AND military branches a like. (Navy, Airforce, Marine). I will never salute a spouse, not now, not ever. You don’t deserve any such honor, you don’t serve in the military, you SURE as shit dont’ go to war with us, and you damn sure don’t lead Soldiers. You are a SPOUSE and will be treated as such. You are no special person. I don’t care who you are. If your husband was a 5 star I would salute him and ONLY him for he has earned his rank and title. You married him, that is all you did.

    What sense of entitlement some of this wives think they deserve. I feel sorry for the Supervisor who is actually seeking punishment, and I am ashamed he has to work with such a poor leader. Military Customs and Courtesies says NOTHING about spouses. Damn sure of it. At least not in my book or Army.

    You are a pathetic excuse for a woman, and I would be very ashamed to call you my wife. By the way. I’m a female SGT. Stick that in your juice box and suck on it.

  49. I love how they are not apologetic to her, simply the poor blue decal! HAhahahahaha dumb spouses!

    If this LCpl is seriously facing a NJP for something as stupid as not saluting the sticker, I think as Marine spouses we should write a complaint about this woman trying to ruin this young LCpl’s career. He’s doing his job by making sure you are not a terrorist. I think we should petition to make sure LCpl Hansen does not face any repercussions, especially something as harsh as an NJP.

    *for those who do not know, at this point with the Corps down sizing this Marine could lose a chance to reenlist at the hands of some whinning woman.

    I was a Marine, I did my time, I have my OWN DD214 with my name on it. But guess what, now I’m just a spouse and do not care who anyone else is or what their husbands rank is either. Marines have to respect the ranks, spouses just need to be exactly that….a spouse. If you want the respect that Marines give each other, earn the title yourself and stop relishing in your spouses accomplishments as your own…..weak b****s!

    but seriously lets petition! she has free medical for the emotional distress she’s suffering!

  50. I’d laugh if this wasn’t so true. In my 23 years I experienced an number of situations where someone’s poggy-bait decided that she wore her husband’s rank. Let’s face it, the only military accomplishment a woman of this type has done is lay on her back and put her heels in the air…

  51. As a marine wife I find this woman a complete idiot. You wear your marines ring NOT his rank! You are a MARINE WIFE not a MARINE. She needs to get over herself. As a fellow wife I would’ve smacked her silly

    • Sorry to tell you this but you ma’am are a moron and a real problem in the military. Last I checked the Military has not started to issues wives therefore, you are not a Marine (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard) wife. You are the wife of a Soldier, Marine, Seamen, Airmen (I don’t know what they call the service members in the Coast Guard). So next time remember you where not issued to you husband,
      There is no MOS for Military branch WIFE you are just the wife of Soldier, Marine, Seamen, Airmen (I don’t know what they call the service members in the Coast Guard)!

  52. This is really sad. What a disgrace our military has become. Not to long ago a real leader would have pimp slab his wife and told her how it was, not punish the soldier and abuse his rank.

  53. This lady does not get saluted just for driving an officers car. I guess when soldiers talk to my wife they should stand at parade rest then. I would tell them to screw off if they tried to punish me then I would file a congressional complaint.

  54. Seriously, I believe this story is true, bc her husband is a Lieutenant and she has to let that be known. It is officers wives like this one that separate the ranks in spouses groups bc she thinks she wears her husbands rank. Well guess what bitch till you sign away your life, give up being with your family, suffer being in sweat tents, hiking for miles and miles with 100+ lb rucksacks on your back and decide that your country is your #1 priority. Instead of shopping and getting pedicures every other day at Coocoks then you cannot demand to be called Mrs. Lieutenant Sully. Oh and may i remind you that the Lance Corporal you are trying to take half his paycheck for your stupidity maybe the one in front of your husband one day protecting him from a bullet.

  55. As a former military person who had gate duty I don’t feel it is right to salute a non-officer. This lady is not an officer. Sorry lady, but the decal doesn’t make you an officer! I always felt it was a sham to salute some General’s 18 year old daughter just because the decal showed 1-5 stars. This LCPL should not be punished at all. I think that when the officer is driving the car then a placard should be put on the front dashboard, but when a civilian is driving it should be removed or flipped over. What a bunch of crap. She can’t sue for something that she never had!

    • WHOOSH.

      Dude, you do realize this entire website is satire, right? I bet you feel kinda dumb now.

      • You do realize this is based off an actual incident at a Naval Station. A Lt JG’s spouse even wrote to the Admiral’s column in the installation’s newspaper. He responded with satire and shredded her.

      • This ‘specific’ story might be a ‘satire’, but this happens ALL the time. I know many AF wives who insist they be saluted.

  56. Seriously? NJP? Even for missing a salute to an officer that’s a rediculous level of punishment. For an officer’s wife? Forget it. The most this kid should get is a “WTF?” from his immediate supervisor. I agree with the General in Richard’s post. With all due respect, get over it, ma’am.

    • Ummm….you do realize this site is satire, right? Like the military equivalent of the Onion? If a Lt’s wife ever did that in real life, I would go out of my way to ensure that Lt never heard the end of it, cause that would be hilarious

          • I remember a time that I was standing the front gate at Camp Lejeune in the early 80’s. an Officer’s wife drove up and I waved her through. She proceded to roll down her window and asked me if I saw the Blue (Officer) sticker on her bumper (they used to be placed on the bumper prior to the windshield). I stated “Yes Ma’am” to which she replied, “well don’t you salute blue stickers?” I smartly faced about and marched to the front bumper, and gave it a hand salute and the greeting of the day; “Good afternoon sticker…you may procede!” It only took about 15 minutes after she drove away that the Provost Sergeant arrived at the gate and gave me one of the best ass chewings I’ve ever recieved. It was definitely well worth it though.

      • OH MAN DID YOUR COMMENT ABOUT THE STRONGEST SWIMMER MAKE ME BUST MY GUT LAUGHING. When the timing is right I am going to use it!!!!!

  57. I knew some like that during my 31 years of military service. There was once a General Officer who was having problems with the wives of officers who were in his Division. He accepted an invitation to speak at one of their wives gatherings held in a theater. He strode to the stage, and addressed the ladies saying “Good morning ladies” and asked them to seat themselves in order of rank from right to left and front to back. So after much confusion, milling around, different wives trying to run the thing, they were finally arranged. The General then said, “Ladies, you have no rank. Your husbands are the only ones in your household who hold a military rank” and then he left the stage and strode from the theater. Needless to say, he didn’t have any more problems from his officer’s wives. They knew where he stood on the issue. How the officers felt about it and what grief they got at home, I don’t know!

    • Thank you for your service , and for your post ! Made me laugh so hard , LOVED IT ! Its good to know there are officers out there, that will say and do that ! My husband had been in the USMC for over 14y . As a wife thats all I am , I do not deserver any entitlement ! I am just proud of him !

    • l served 30 years in the Air Force and can honestly say, “it was worst during the 60s and 70s” but fortunately a new generation of spouses emerged that treated lower enlisted personnel with more respect. Proud to have served.

    • Yes, I’ve heard this story…have always loved it. You know what’s worse that a general’s wife who wears his husband’s rank? A lieutenant’s wife who wears her husband’s rank! Lady, your husband’s breath still smells like Similac! Get a life. The best compliment my wife ever got during my service as a military officer? “Wow, I didn’t know you were an officer’s wife! You don’t act like an officer’s wife!” From an enlisted spouse we had known through church. I was very proud of my bride after that! 🙂

    • Richard, I totally agree with your statement, but unless they have changed military procedure, the gate guards are supposed to salute the vehicle. And while the wives deserve no such military honor, the procedure wasn’t followed and therefore the soldiers are, for lack of a better phrase right now, in dereliction of duty. Many times you cannot see who is in the car and you salute the sticker as a default to cover your ass in case the officer is in the vehicle. And with there being female officers, the soldier at the gate has no idea if the person behind the wheel is the officer or spouse.

      Again, I agree that spouses do not hold the status to require the salute.

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