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PETA: Marine Corps Terminology, ‘Leatherneck’ Term Promotes Animal Abuse


CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — A peaceful protest outside the main gate of Camp Pendleton has erupted into violence today as Marines and activists continue to spar over military terminology.

The protestors, from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have been holding a protest near the base for more than a week against the use of the terms “Leatherneck” and “Wooly-Pully.”

A PETA spokesperson said the terms are offensive and “promote animal abuse.”

“These words that the Marines use are absolutely horrible,” said Jean Richards, a PETA activist. “We will not stand by and let these people continue to promote the killing of animals.”

Although no one understands how or why, the mild and peaceful protests soon escalated into chaos.

Private First Class Anthony Smith, a Marine Private currently attending the School of Infantry, reported that he was attacked while attempting to leave base. His t-shirt, which had “Leatherneck” written across the front, became a walking bullseye.

Luckily he was able to avoid the red paint they attempted to cover his neck with, saying that he employed “a little move, block, strike, and a little improvise, adapt, and overcome. Oh three hundred, Ooh-rah!”

But it wasn’t just the Marines being attacked.

PETA militants also have said that Marines were throwing hard boiled eggs and hot dog water at them. Some even claim to have been beaten with long pieces of meat byproduct.

PETA protesters turned to what they called their only defense. Using out-of-tune acoustic guitars, the crowd sang songs of animal triumph over human oppression.

Both civilian and military police worked together to break up the melee because no one could stand the horrible PETA music any longer.

Peace talks have started, with top Marine brass explaining that leather hasn’t been used around the neck of a Marines’ uniform since long before PETA existed. Former CENTCOM Commander Gen. James Mattis also joined in the discussion, saying that the protestors “should just go fuck themselves.”

The term “Leatherneck” will continue in service due to an old grandfather clause that was produced faster than a a set of dummy orders. “Woolly-pully,” the term for a Marines’ dress sweater, is still under review. A few of the more popular choices of terms for the sweater include: “hot-n-cotton”, “stitchy-itchy”, and “polyester-molester.”

While the debate over the terms continues to rage, other groups have been inspired by the protestors. A group called “Irish Respect Association” has called for the Marine Corps to stop using the term “Irish pennants.”

They have sent in numerous photographs of their clothing, clearly showing no loose threads hanging as the term suggests.

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  1. People Eatting Tastey Animals!  Wonder when the waitresses shown in this article will serve up my steak and lobster dinner???

  2. They should turn out the marines on the base with handfuls of those rape cards the military is handing out… That would keep those idiot females busy for a while…

  3. DocGay-Nice ASSES.PETA are a group of assholes that go around boo hooing about anything to do with animals.Hell I bet not one is a vegitaryian(Most likey spelled that wrong)but you get the picture.But over all pretty fun.De Oppresso Liber

  4. Oh yeah for those of you can not read at ALL THIS BUDS FOR YOU: this is I repeat IS A SATYRICAL WEBSITE, meaning for all you BRIALLE READERS, it is satire, funny, made up, not true, cannot be believed, you believe MSM- NBC MSNBC FOX CBS CBN CNN BBC CNBC when THEY TELL YOU IT’S THE TRUTH! But you are what, so Mentaly, Educationaly, Emotionaly CHALLENGED YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS AHIT AFTER THEY TELL YOU OVER & OVER & OVER THAT IT’S A PARODY JOKE YUK YUK HA HA but alas it seems maybe what’s been slipping or slipped, was you iq as it slid down someone’s leg! OMG did he say that about ME? Yup if you think a Birth Certficate is a Letter of Apology from The GoodYear Rubber Co. This message has YOUR NAME ON IT!

    • Yeah, for those that can’t read – as opposed to those that can’t spell. Put down the Budweiser and step away from the keyboard. The word you were searching for was satirical. I’m not sure “satyrical” is even a word, but if it is a word it refers to a class of Gods from Roman mythology that are half man and half goat.

  5. I’ll say this face book should be face down. Cuz if brain were C4 those posting just here would not have near enough to blow even ONE OF THOSE NOSES let alone one DUMBS FUCKS ass to hell. So I say we fill THE GENERAL & GUNNIE’S BAGS/W so send in all your spare just layin around boom boom and THE GEN. & GUNNY CAN HAVE A SHIT BAG PARTY! And Blow The SHIT TO HELL not back, Both those two Snake Eaters sent that Shit to Hell for a reason! I ain’t gonna be the one to tell either one ” THEY’RE BACK! ” SHIT AND FUR WILL FLY! nope I’m dumb not FUCKIN STUPID!

  6. I don’t know what’s funnier … your pieces or the fact that people fail to realize that it’s satire

  7. “Woolly-pully,” the term for a Marines’ dress sweater, is still under review. A few of the more popular choices of terms for the sweater include: “hot-n-cotton”, “stitchy-itchy”, and “polyester-molester.”

    So hilariously funny. I laughed every single time I went back and read it! SO true. Can’t remember the last time I had to wear it…2006 maybe? It’s a lot like the horrible green blanket in boot camp… I love this site but I agree with some others–it’s wasting away my free time!
    It is actually very difficult for me to believe so many people think these stories are legit. This is my first time on the site and every single story I read in the last few hours had clues of hilarity and over the top details. Move over Onion, you just got replaced.

  8. Due to the clever positioning of the boobs NOT seen in the picture, I am left feeling that the author is glad DADT is gone.

  9. Holy dear all that is holy, who the eff believes–if even for one second–that this satire is real. This article was moderately entertaining… not the duffleblog’s finest. However, you mentally challenged, uppity folk were goddamn hilarious. Thank you for being you.. the hilarious intellectual inferiors to, uhhhhhhh, just about everyone.

  10. You people retards or what? This site is a SATIRE, look up the word before you get your panties any more wadded up. Jeez! The only thing that probably isn’t satire is GEN Mattis’ comments. Sounds just like something he would say to defuse a tense situation. That’s satire also.

  11. PETA is nothing but a bunch of dumb muther fuckers who have nothing better to do than tell everyone that terms promote abuse. If they want to protest a term then protest all the clothing outlets and have the term “wife beater” banned….. Dumb fucks!!!

  12. You have got to be kidding me!Whats next they want us to stop carrying guns on the battlefield too?Last time i checked Peta wasent around when we got that nickname!

  13. Yeah… God forbid we see the backsides of women in their underwear from 30ft away. Oh my virgin eyes! Get real……

  14. One would think there are plenty of other things that could be protested over! Welcome back marines!! Aren’t you glad you fought for this?! Well I say thank you for your service. I say you guys get riot shields, cover them in spam and start pushing them back!

  15. Someone should sit down with a plate of raw beef and eat it right in front of them. Just an idea for anyone reading this in driving distance.

  16. From this website’s own “About Us” section. I am adding ** ** to highlight, the ** ** are not in the original:

    The Duffel Blog serves the men and women of the US Military with a daily dose of military humor, funny military pictures, and **faux news**. We take an interesting and funny look at military life. We focus on veterans, military stories, defense, politics (sometimes) and life on base — with a comedic twist. **We are in no way, shape, or form, a real news outlet. Just about everything on this website is satirical in nature.**

  17. It always amazes me how gullible people are. Even after plainly written that the article is a hoax, a joke, a gag, untrue… people still vent their anger at such a notion that a group of animal lovers would have the power to banish the term leatherneck or wooly pully. Its a JOKE you jack-wads!

  18. Seriously?! Retarded hippies have nothing better to do then to PICK ON 240yr old terminology?!?!? Sheep aren’t killed for their wool. These people need to be deported. What’s next? Westboro Baptist church protesting the term “devil dog” because it promotes satanism? Gimme a break.

  19. Give it a day or two and those PETA ladies in thier duh-dun-da-dahs are gonna find themselves a new boyfriend on base… 1st MAR DIV can move the Non-Lethal Weapons Course to the front gate and and do live ex crowd control using dry salami batons, what an opportunity!!! Love Mattis’ honest and proffessional response, couldn’t have said it better myself, they can “should go fuck themselves”!!!

  20. I would have to say if people cant find better things to do but mess with our nickname given to us from wars fought for their parents freedom and now theirs then they should seek mental help. People do what they want and profit for animals dont help neither. Blame the people with the mind to press cruelty to animals not the corps.

  21. I am highly offended that a organization that depends on free speech would attack the people who preserve their ability to have free speech! PETA disgusts me! I’ll make sure to throw paint at you net time I see you, maybe a nice camo green! Ooh-rah!!!

  22. I bet they’d go completely Ape Shit over the term, “cunt cap.”

    I doubt the military uses that term any more. But 40 years ago, that’s what we called it.

    • They still use the term today. Although, the cunt cap was retired in favor of the beret a few years ago.

      • Elisha, you ignorant slut. Since when have you ever seen a Marine wearing a beret? WTF? The french wear berets. The Army wear berets. Chicks wear berets. Marines do not, at least in uniform. Get your facts right! Moreover, the CUNT CAP is still part of the dress uniform and yes, some Marines — mostly those of us that have ben around a few years — still call it that. Love that name.

  23. So what are the shoes that PETA activists wear made of? Just curious. And of course this is real…” you can’t put anything on the Internet if it’s not true” Lmao Semper Fi.

    • I’m vegan and trust me, we vegans are careful not to buy leather shoes or belts. I don’t know why people always think they are going to “catch us” in a slip up. Fake leather is easy to find.
      I should also add that I loathe PETA. Can’t stand those idiots. As an army brat and army wife, I hope this article is just a joke.

  24. if peta always has women protesting in nothing but some underwear i just might join.. ill bring the burgers you bring the bitches!

  25. PETA, I’m a member: People Eating Tasty Animals, 😉
    Leatherneck: it is the nickname of the United States Marine Corps. When Marines were in their early training many years ago, they wore a leather shoulder and neck collar to protect themselves during the use of knives, swords and bayonets, thus the name Leathernecks.

    • Your 100% Correct Mr. O’Connor These Jack Asses Have no Clue as to what has Made The Marine Corp the Elite Fighting Force it is Today and has been for over 200 years We are a Brotherhood and these Names and Are Just as much a Part of that Brotherhood as any Marines Living or Dead Male OR Female & For you idiotsto ask us to stop using these terms is Like Me asking You not to Speak of your Family and Thier History Why Don’t You Try Focussing on The Fact That The United States Marine Corps is and always has been The Bigest Corner Stone Of The Fucking Freedom That You Assholes Enjoy!

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