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Women’s Rights Activist Demands More Women Killed In Combat


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a highly-anticipated press conference held in the nation’s capitol today, a leading women’s activist announced that she would be taking up the cause of having more female service-members killed in combat.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) announced the creation of Femme Fatal, a movement specifically tasked with ensuring that women get the same opportunities to be shot, killed, wounded, and suffer debilitating emotional stress as men throughout the military.

She appeared with Private Ellen Brown, an active-duty female soldier serving with the 10th Mountain Division in southern Afghanistan.

Brown, a supply clerk, is currently a member of a Female Engagement Team whose duties include speaking with local women on patrol and searching female civilians. She appeared via Skype from her base’s Morale Welfare and Recreation center.

“Women make up 14.6 percent of the active duty military, but just 2.3 percent of the casualties,” complained Chu.

“Did you know that in the past decade, our military has only had 140 women killed in combat?” asked Chu. “Compare that to more than six thousand men killed, and it paints a disturbing picture of a military reluctant to let women near the front lines. Obviously we have to find a way to narrow the casualty gap.”

The idea of  women serving behind the front lines has largely disappeared in Iraq and Afghanistan as more and more women have experienced combat at some level.

But Femme Fatal says a “camouflage ceiling” still exists, blocking women from serving in Special Forces, Infantry, Armor, and Field Artillery; a ceiling that Chu believes can only be shattered by, “blood… lots of blood.”

In recent years, the military has seen multiple cases of heroism from women in combat but divisions have continued to grow on both sides of the debate.

Some detractors have said females cannot handle the stresses of infantry life, while proponents have noted examples of women who have excelled in a male-dominated military.

During the conference, James Durst, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, asked Chu about how the physical differences between the sexes would affect the standards and methods used in training to produce America’s most elite warriors.

“If a man can do it, a woman can do it!” Chu responded.

“Private Brown is just as capable of having her arms and legs blown off by IEDs, her face ripped away by hot shrapnel, her throat torn open by a sniper’s bullet…”

At this point Private Brown doubled-over vomiting and was heard saying, “Fuck this shit, I’m just here for the college money.”

“… before she’s unceremoniously kicked out of the Army because there are too many trigger-pullers and spends the rest of her life shitting in a colostomy bag, begging the VA for her disability money,” Chu finished.

Some people remain unconvinced.

“It’s called infantry-MAN, not infantry-LADY, and that’s a scientific fact,” said Ron Meyer, a former infantryman who served in Korea and Vietnam, and avid Duffel Blog commenter.

“I don’t care what the studies or the polling show.  Some things just need to stay the way they are.”

Others, including some women in uniform, were upset over Chu’s eagerness for a higher female body count.

“Who the hell are these women and why are they so eager to get me killed?” demanded Sergeant Jacquie Williams, a female combat veteran of Iraq. “Do any of them plan on going anytime soon?  I’ve been in combat.  I’ve done the job.  But groups like this don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.”

Faced with that criticism, Chu also announced that as soon as the ban on women in combat units was lifted, she intended to immediately resign her congressional seat and enlist in the Army as an infantry-person.

“Why should Private Brown get to have all the fun?” Chu laughed.

“Besides, I’ve always wanted to see what the inside of a human head looks like after I’ve smashed it open with my E-tool.”

Duffel Blog investigative correspondent ArmyJ also contributed to this report.

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  1. I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying for years now, women do not belong on the lines with us men who serve in a forward unit in a combat oriented MOS. Specifically Infantry-MEN. I was an Infantryman or grunt or whatever you wish to call it. I got the displeasure of serving in 2003 and 2005 in support of OIF. I do not like the memories, I do not like the PTSD, I do not like the pains, I do not like having a bad knee, I do not like wishing that I was doing something else at those times because I enjoyed my job as a Soldier overall. I do not wish for women to be killed, wounded or blown up or kidnapped like that dumb broad Jessica Lynch and I do not desire for our infantry units to be 2nd guessed, to be hampered, slowed down and hindered in ANY way or for our missions to suffer because we would have to subject ourselves to the social experiment of allowing full-time women in our units. It’s a man’s job and always has been. What is SO special about being in these jobs anyway? I mean, besides my extreme pride of being a veteran and being a grunt at heart, and being able to do all kinds of cool stuff, what is so exciting about having problems for the rest of your life because you had to kill enemies and watch all kinds of dead people in real life, not some movie??? Can a woman answer this with an honest answer? I have seen how the Army treats women vs. the men. The Army treats women the way they should as they treat us the way they should, crappy. There are double standards and the tests that both sexes go through are NOT on equal playing fields. Women in the service maybe capable of many things but to allow them into these forward units as a combat MOS, it would simply make us weaker and less viable to complete our missions successfully. Women aren’t as strong as men, never will be. Women who wish to support this social experiment in idea anyway are just going on the train ride because some higher profile feminists and liberal politicians say that it’s important to do this. I say, uh, not. This is an opinion of a war grunt vet and I know what it’s like to handle the rigors of the job, and the battle doesn’t stop there. It’s for the rest of your life and we got enough problems with the men having it hard as hell after we get out. We don’t need to add more brainwashed females to the list. Out.

  2. as a female in the military I just want to say I HAVE NO FUCKING DESIRE TO BE COMBAT ARMS. None. You guys go live in the woods and get dirty and do all the homoerotic naked hazing you want.

  3. There’s good news to this. I will attend Ranger School and have a chance of getting my tab. The only standard for classing up at Ranger school should be carrying a 300 pound dummy for 100 yards. If you can do that, you are good to go.

  4. Trolling! Combat Engineer School- Fr Leonard Wood- US ARMY USMC USAF TrIning as CMBT/ENGRS- 1978- Females wanted to be Included. OK BY THIS chair force instructor- just be able to DO THE JOB + You Are Hired- We Will Train You – pick up and Carry YOUR OWN TOOL BOX- if it’s too HEAVY then Get our of MY TRAINING AREA- go do what YOU CAN DO- because THIS AIN’T IT? On another note, back in 1991 “rush” had a solution. From Divisions of FEMALE WARRIORS /12 in all; with overlapping CURSE TIMES there by always having at the ready an INDESTRUCTIBLE UNBEATABLE BUNCH OF KILLING MACHINES that will Decimate any and ALL WE AIM THEM AT both FORIEGN & DOMESTIC!! DITTO’S EL RUSHBO! Truly Talent on Loan From GOD!!

    • LT? How’s that for being an investigative litigator who uses word diversifications and transpositions to find out Facts. If it is NotA Fact, is it then a Lie? Or is it then just a nonfact and can then be explained away by Legal Word Banterings such as ” That Statement Was Taken Completely OUT OF CONTEXT!” Is Just IS! But now we have how many people [ POLITICIANS & )} : => ] Dedicated Fed Empl. Who can ONLY DO THIER JOB and not one thing more; THIER POWER STOPS AT THIER DOOR! Problems with your Right pinky toe? Gotta see the right pinky toe cleaner 1st! Next Appt. 6 mos. See him Then come back and WE’LL SEE IF we can SQEEZE you out, COMPLETELY! Cuz that’s OUR JOB! Thanks for the Mamaries- pc again memories LT. BDFB out

  5. I would actually like to smash in the heads of some of these commenters heads in with my e tool…lol…maybe

    • What good would that accomplish? It’d be a simple flesh wound for some, as there is nothing inside of their skull to damage.

  6. So if a man can do it a woman can do it?….how come men in my platoon never fall out of runs…but the females always do…it’s little things like that that make the point of y females can’t serve and infantry. if you can’t do a simple 1.5 mile run in a t-shirt, shorts and running shoes…how the freak are you gonna be able to handle running in full utilities…plus all your combat gear and weapon? what sense does that make?

  7. of course you can out pt 95% of the guys, because you are on a website and don’t have to prove it 😛 but I’m army and can still manage to process what satire means. i suppose people don’t really read between the lines anymore. in their defense, the army kinda likes it when you take everything super literally!

  8. OMG this is SOOO sad, how is it the MARINES (God bless) understood this site and the my fellow Army men can not?! This is all a joke!! No military woman in thier right mind thinks this!!! That all the “views” in these storys are exaggerate/extreme/a seemingly irrational point of view… It is called sarcasm… Good Lord, some of you need to go back to basic to be reeducated or didn’t endure a proper basic if you don’t understand these stories as NOT real and are military humor… I will give it to you I could of sliced a man 6 ways from Sunday and would of been damn effecient with it, I was a minority that possessed physical superiority and put 95% of military people (men and women) to shame, but at the end of the day as previously stated NO MILITARY WOMAN IN HER RIGHT MIND THINKS ANY OF THIS (in the article) and this is a JOKE, lighten up and reel in the sexism like 20 yards shall we boys?!? Once you all have accomplished and processed such an idea, if you want a laugh, I think my favorite one on here thus far is Semper Pink…

    ““Suppose I happen to be out in town, and I see a male and a female Marine from my fireteam kissing,” he says. “Now any time we’re in combat I’ll have to wonder if he’s thinking of cradling me in his arms as I tell him that I love him with my last dying breath, or her skank ass.”., Dufflebag Blog, you are straight SIMPLE, haahahaha… TOo funny 😀

  9. I had a “Female Type Personnel” riding in a ‘Hummer’ with several male soldiers. Our mission was to provide additional convoy security. We started from Camp Junction City (name was probably changed if 1st ID turned it over to another unit) in Ar-Ramahdi and going to some other base. She took off her ammo vest and sat her ass in the back seat with the vest next to her. As the senior E-5, I jumped in her shit and told her to put the vest on. If we were to get ambushed and that vehicle got hit by an IED and maybe crashed she wouldn’t have time to be looking for her ammo when she could be providing suppressive fire.

  10. It certainly sounds as if the proponents of this “equality of female deaths in action” movement would be happy if the appropriate number of liberal females were taken out and shot. Arguing over body counts is sort of a sick way to view the world if you ask me, but I’m not a woman or a liberal…

    • The only thing NOW will go to the ramparts for is the right to murder the unborn. They spent any credibility they ever had in the area of women’s rights when they refused to come out and take a stand against Bubba Clinton for his use of position to impose sexual abuse on female subordinates. Pish! NOW, indeed. Buncha shrieking harridans in search of a cause. They have become a joke.

  11. When I have been forced to take gurls out with me on patrols I routinely ensure that they are safe. They are outfitted with reflective belts. They also ride next to me in my chariot…

    • “Forced”? Sorry you have to be forced to include other soldiers in missions. Btw, they carry weapons, they don’t need your “protection”. Also, if you’re so worried about us “gurls”, you’re not paying enough attention to the rest of the group. You should be routinely ensuring everyone’s safety. It’s not a reason to leave females behind, but a reason to have better leadership and rational officers. Also, you would never put me in a pt belt on a mission. I’m trying to blend in, not stick out like a big highlighter begging to be shot first.

      • If you gurls wanted to be treated like you can do what I can do, you should start by taking a PT test that requires more than 18 pushups……Also it would just grand if even one of you could actually put on your full gear, and then somehow manage the strength to carry me, an averaged sized male, in all my gear even a few steps before doubling over and quitting. The truth of the matter is that if you and me are on patrol, and I get hit, I am going to die, because there is no way in the world you or any of your uniform sisters will ever be able to carry me out of anywhere. And God forbid I happen to be in a Humvee that gets hit, you can barely get yourselves out, much less drag my heavy ass out of the gun hatch. Guess I’ll just burn to death, but thatnks for playing. Seriously, you are delusional.

      • Women have no place outside the wire. Yes they need to be protected because they cant defend themselves. Just because they have a weapon doesnt mean they will use it. I have been on patrols with FET and everytime trouble pops off they shut down and have nearly gotten my soldiers killed on numerous occasions. And what happens when my 215lb butt get shot or blown up and the only people i have to carry me out are three women who can barely carry there own kit. The one time they acutualy started shooting back they almost shot one of my soldiers. So no women dont belong on the front lines. They belong in the hospitals and supply offices or doing other menial tasks.

    • Your an idiot….your an officer though so I expect that. Just say in long enough and you will make General without even having to work for it….sad.

  12. Believe it or not, the leaders of the few women in the NYC FD actually made these type of claims after 9/11. It just so happened none of the 20 female firefighters were working in the area, so none of the 343 dead firefighters were female. One of the female officers actually complained that they didn’t get their share of respect because they didn’t die.

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