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President Obama To Receive Honorary Green Beret, Induction Into Special Forces Association

President Obama In The White House Just Moments Before He Personally Shot Bin Laden In The Head In Pakistan

FORT BRAGG, NC – The White House Press Office announced today that President Obama will soon be inducted into the Special Forces Association and receive an honorary Green Beret.

Officials have said the honor will be bestowed in an upcoming September 11th ceremony at Fort Bragg.

The honorary beret comes in recognition of the President’s decisive role in covert operations throughout the world during his term — including the killing of Osama bin Laden last year in Pakistan, and his combat action in Afghanistan months ago.

Army Public Affairs has confirmed that Lieutenant General Charles Cleveland will personally present Obama with his beret and a specially engraved Fairbairn-Sykes combat knife.

The knife, traditionally used by elite soldiers world-wide since the beginning of the 20th century, will have the President’s name stamped on the blade, along with the names of deceased Special Forces Medal of Honor recipients Randall Shugart and Gary Gordon, immortalized in the novel and film Black Hawk Down.

The presentation will be in a small but highly anticipated ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center.

The White House released a statement saying that the President is proud to be recognized for his accomplishments and role in ridding the world of dangerous enemy actors, and restated his firm determination to “continue doing his best to keep the country safe from those that would do her harm.”

Obama also stated that although he had never seen the Black Hawk Down film, or read the book, he was still proud to be counted among the ranks of the most elite Special Operations soldiers.

During a late afternoon briefing, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney fielded questions, including one about the possibility of the President also receiving a Navy SEAL trident.

“The President has in fact already received his Trident from the SEAL community,” said Carney. “He was honored to accept the insignia during a private ceremony in California, a week after his gutsy call where he singlehandedly took out bin Laden.”

When Carney was asked who had initiated the calls for President Obama to be given the illustrious honors, he hesitated before replying, “we’ll dig into it.”

Pentagon officials, taking note of the President’s extensive knowledge and experiences in special operations throughout the world, is also exploring the possibility of making him an honorary member of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, the Air Force 24th Special Tactics Squadron, and Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Company.

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  1. This is classic!!!! hahaha You can tell as many people as humanly possible that this is fake, but there are those that will believe this NOT MATTER WHAT!!! How do I know?? I saw a video that was taken during the last debate between the candidates a couple of weeks ago(they were all in some sort of conference room watching it on a big screen), and these are the actual things that people were screaming out about Obama, and they were DEAD SERIOUS about most of them…: “I wonder if he’ll go back to his home country after his term is over”. “What the hell… I was told that Obama doesn’t speak English, but it sounds like he speaks English just fine!!” “How did a guy that never went to college become the president anyways?” “He’s not even married!! If he was, then he’d probably be letting his wife make all of his decisions for the country.”
    I could go on and on, but the point I’m trying to make here is that these people have the same right as NORMAL people to vote in November, and their votes could very well decide the next president of the U.S., and therefor our future!!!! So, people that have ANY SHRED OF COMMON SENSE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, get out and vote in a few days!!!! If we want to keep this country GREAT, then we HAVE TO COUNTERACT all of the “STUPID PEOPLE” votes!!!!

  2. This is absolutely disgraceful. Not only does he not deserve this honor but it degrades the service of everyone who has ever worn a green beret.

  3. As a Navy Veteran you goota be shitting me ?

    Why don’t you give him a 4×8 painted piece of

    plywood & call it a bump in the road ?

    One of his famous statements after Ambassador

    Stevens was drug down the road by the hair & murdered…

  4. Its kinda funny to watch all the people in here think this shizz is real. Almost as funny as watching people debate politics.. Come on folks you cant have a battle of wits with an unarmed subject….

  5. This is the LEAST they can do, after he single handedly saved SEAL Team 6, and personally shot Osama Bin Laden, before dumping his body in the ocean to prevent shrines from appearing.

    • I call this ridiculous military stuff…noone in the military would honor him with a honorary membership to their organization. Hell not even the E-4 mafia.

    • I know you or about you for some reason, PA possibly? I’ll figure it out later. Other than that, uhm, this is Satire which means the article isn’t real, it’s not based on any facts at all, very easy to see when you read the article and not just the headline, sorry 😉

  6. Lt. General Charles T. Cleveland’s decision to present the Honorary Green Beret and introduction into the Special Forces Association disrespects the Association; past and present members and all who have served within the community. I am disgusted with Obama’s political track record, his attitude towards the military in general and the US Constitution. If the decision isn’t reversed, I will disassociated myself with the Association and discontinue all support. In addition I will ask others to join me.

    • OH NO!!!! You mean that one retarded person(I’m referring to YOU, of course!!) will no longer support the SF community if Obama is reelected??!!!! How will they every manage??!!!! hahahahaha I was REALLY, REALLY HOPING that you were one of those people that always say that if Obama wins, you will leave this country FOR GOOD!!!! Why don’t you do ALL OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS a favor, and just LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!!! That way, you won’t be so disappointed come November 6th!!!! hahahahaha Not sure if you stay up on the polls(and I mean ALL THE POLLS!! Those biased towards Obama and RMoney), but Obama has basically ALREADY WON!!!! It just needs to be put on paper to make it official!! hahahahaha

  7. Mr. Obama is the Leader, the Great Leader of the Peoples Forces of Liberation. He should be awarded all the symbols that the myrmidons have chosen to show special achievement because HE is the pinnacle of leadership. We should be thankful we have our Great Leader.

  8. o.k. enough bullshitting! this is key; jay carneys lack of a response as to who submitted these recommendations. his comment, “i’ll look into that” was not followed up by; “i,ll get back to you”. i smell a rat! set-up! inside job! did obama direct a lackey to submit him? we need to know how this came about.

  9. DocGay-Give him what??I wouldn’t give him the sweat off my Bazzs.I was in the SF and earned my Green Beret the hard way.NOBAMA didn’t do a thing to earn a Green Beret honorary or not .That is a disgrace to every Soldier that ever wore the Green Beret.Who the HELL do these AZZHOLES think they are.That makes me SICK AS HELL to hear some S**T like this.It almost makes me want to BURN my GREEN BERET.I hope this is a joke the only thing I would give NOBAMA is a swift kick in the nuts and then I would burn my shoes.This is bad think it over and give him what he really deserves,NOTHING.De Oppresso Liber

  10. A true National discgrace. Another officer kissing political arse!

    Ah yes! The Nobel Prize. In 1949 Dr. Antonio Egas Moniz was awarded the Nobel Prize for his research and application of lobotomies. A practice later rebuked by all of the professional medical world. In 2009 Obama was awarded the Nobel prize after he …. Well basically he got elected. An election and a prize that have a lot in common with the lobotomy and the Nobel prize it received.

  11. This is a disgrace to the Beret and all those that have worn it. Surely this has to be a spoof email that will be proven as FALSE soon on SNOPES. This is a kick in the pants to those that earned the right to wear it and the honorary recipients of the past.

    • There is nothing to prove about the source. The DuffelBlog is the American Military’s most-trusted news source. They have the take the chance and report on stories that no one else will because they are not afraid to take on the establishment. Get behind the cause and push man. The truth is out there. As a Cigarette smoking man, I know the truth. Support the Believers man.

  12. hell to the no!!! not only is that disrespect if he did serve in the military but he is a damn civilian prior to office. what a disrespectful act toward those of us who put down all to recieve that beret

    • Wow. I just checked out some other sites that caught this thread. People need to get some humor pill suppositories. There seems to be entirely too many people who need to be re-educated on funny. The world is entirely too PC.

  13. Just received a message from the Presidant of the Special Forces Assocation stating, “A recent satirical article on an internet blog called Duffleblog reported that President Obama was receiving an honorary membership in the Special Forces Association, this is not true”.

    Duffleblog needs to review its corroboration policy.

  14. PA UKE! They must have gotten a TBI during one of their missions to allow this to happen! We need to have them checked right away!

  15. Well maybe some need to have ( cannot merember sci name 4 ) window cut in THIER outer abdominal wall so as to facilitate proper functioning of all ” intelligence?!” gathering equipment ; because THIER cranial gourds r so far inserted into THIER anal orifice’s that ALL “intelligencia??” is BLINDED due to NO SIGNAL IN or OUT!
    broken downflyboy ain’t no HERO!

  16. I guess the GOP is going after the uneducated voter after all. Seems many of them are posting comments on this board in belief the article is true. How sad is that? Not only do people NOT fact check before passing off stuff like this as true, they are too stupid to figure it out by reading the “article.”

  17. THAT MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT . He bows to muslims. He doesn’t even know which hand to cover his heart while the national anthem is playing.
    Seals did the job , he signed a piece of paper, nothing more.

    • So you’re saying that Osama bin Laden was just an innocent man murdered by President Obama? Osama bin Laden didn’t kill anyone on 9/11, all he did was sign off on the attack. ……… P.S. it’s satire, so get a grip and laugh at this site’s articles while you take time to read facts on subjects such as protocol by presidents when visiting foreign countries.

    • Just like he awarded the silver star to the flag that was being burned and it took out the guys eye, and he personally sent the flag there! what a shit head, also if you remember seeing bush when he was with dignitaries he would almost get in a shoving match to make sure they went first and at least he was brave until he got orders for Nam! and also remember Obamamana didn’t accidently shoot any body at the shooting range! If John Wayne was alive he’d of died from this asshole!

  18. While this is satire, it is in extremely poor taste. There are those who will read this a believe it. Unfortunately, the consequences could be disastrous to the SF community. The many charities that the Special Forces Association supports could lose donors. That hurts those who are truly in need. I love satire as much as anyone else, but there is such a thing as crossing the line. This article crossed that line.

    • Hurry Tell them the truth!

      Please stupid donors. I know you can believe almost everything on the internet but this. Just this. You can believe everything else.

  19. Who is responsible for this most cowardly act? Who gave the order? I can see that p.o.s. now with his rainbow coat and medals pinned from top to bottom. How low will our military go, and will they now fire on American civilians? This is a very slippery slope indeed.
    To dishonor every serving man and woman in this manner is beyond words. what a narcisst. How evil can one be to degrade, defame the honors America bestows upon our valiant military and heros.

    This is all about the book written by the Navy Seal to show what an inept cowardly moron obama truly is.
    This is obama’s damage control, to politicize the killing of usama bin laden.
    What a disgrace!
    Why didn’t the Navy Seals give him this GREAT honor? What happened to all the anti-military marxist leftists that demonize past presidents that had military background.
    They are trying to make obama look like a hero, this is all 3rd world pomp and circumstance.
    I guess the next question will be, now that he is a Rainbow Barrett, will he bestow the Congressional Medal of Honor on himself?
    Welcome to camel lot, the gateway to obamelot.

    • I think you were watching “The Dictator”. Mr. Obama has far too much taste for such flagrant colors.

      However you should read more carefully. The SEALs already gave him the Trident. And he already has the Medal of Honor because he found one that he could keep instead of awarding.

      He is the Leader of the World Socialist Party. Why shouldn’t he receive credit for all is military skills?

  20. Kind of reminds you of you know who in, ah, let’s reflect now, venezuela, north korea, che of cuba, hitler, saddam, amin. What a disgrace for the Green or should I say Rainbow Barretts. I suppose obama will be standing in front of a huge burning American flag, Ol’ Glory. Just when you think the p.o.s. can not sink any lower, he scratches through the bottom of the cesspool. This is beyond despicable.
    A huge slap in the face of the brave men and women that gave their all for this country.

  21. IsThe Army crazy, they must have come back from Iraq and Afghanistan with sand for brains, or this must seriously must be a joke.

    • No joke Bear, if you read it here, you can tatoo it to your forehead with confidence. Other posters agree, shit be crazy. peeeace.

      • The Duffel Blog is the militaries most trusted news source! I also hear that they will be renaming the JFK Special Warfare School to the BHO Special Warfare School.

  22. Over the past few years I have been proud of all Army (including ANG) for their professionalism; I don’t understand why you would backslide? Semper Fi USMC

  23. For crying out loud, those of us who understand this site need to stop calling out the idiots who start unwitting trolls and rants! THAT’S HALF THE POINT! The articles are hilarious on their own but they are only a fraction of the fun, so stop ruining it for the rest of us who like to laugh at the fools who don’t hear the ‘whoosh’ over their head!

    • It is like teasing the kids who ride the short bus. Of course these morons who take it seriously deserve to get their books dumped so what the hell. Let them complain so we can make fun of them.

  24. “”BREAKING NEWS…….WH Press Secretary Jay Carney has just announced that Pres Obama will be awarded the Most Awesomest On High Secret Squirrel Award. However, due to the secret nature of said award no further details will be announced; except for the photo-op of POTUS spiking Valerie Jarrett.””

    • No, no, no, I know Valerie looks like a man in drag but I am almost sure she’s a woman. She’s much too feminine for Reggie Love’s special friend. If we can drag Hilary off her Huma she might be interested in Val.

  25. One would think that one must have gone through special ops training and survived the course or actually experienced combat or certainly had been in the armed forces to be inducted. Honorary induction, if actually transpires for President Obama, is worse than the award he received (normally limited to heroes or one who constructively assisted in peace) from the international politicized propaganda group.

    • you are kidding right?!?!?!?! Gee I hope so . . . S A T I R E . . . C O M E D Y . . . . look them up . . .

  26. I make a motion we officially change the name of Afghanistan to a more fitting name that stabs its friends in the back so that all will know it is a country that is never to be trusted. I am suggesting the name Obamistan.

    • Very fitting but I understand that name has already choosen to rename a section of Michigan and the new city formerly known as Detroit

  27. I cannot Believe that you forgot they are also changing the name from the JFK Special Warfare Center to the Barack H. Obama Special Warfare Center. And included the fact that the last survivor of the WWII OSS is awarding him the Victoria Cross.

    He already has the Medal of Honor that he kept instead of awarding it to that undeserving CPT from Assganistan.

    • Yep, and don’t forget that large gold chain he got from the Saudi King and he knelt in front of, ‘de facto’ creating himself a vassal of that crown . . .

      • Now didn’t you listen to the media and Jim Carney who said, “that didn’t happen.” I am stunned you believe that he bowed to a foreign power why that would be akin to treason and our President would never abase America by bowing.

        Besides who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?
        BTW for those who are new this is sarcasm.

      • Hey douchebag, did you ever see the pictures of Eishenower bowing to the Pope, or to the Presient of France, etc., on a state vist? Or how about Lil’ Bush holding hands with the king of Saudi Arabia It’s a matter of courtesy for a visiting head of state to acknowledge the host. Oh yeah, i forgot, you claim to be a vet, you don’t give courtesy, you’re opwed homage. You’re a WARRIOR! Dickhead

        • Hello Bill,

          I just thought I would remind you that it is time for your Lithium. We have talked about these little setbacks before and I understand that you forget but we need to remember to be a good little trooper and take are medicine on schedule.

        • Hey Bill,

          I want to thank you for your well reasoned and courteous response. I thought it was well written and very funny. I appreciate that you took the time and effort to respond to my off the cuff posting.

          I do feel I need to direct your attention to the salient portion of the post. The point of the posting was not that our fine and upstanding POTUS bowed and groveled before every monarch he could find who was not British. The point was that he denied that it happened. His spokes person Jay Carney insisted (despite photographic evidence) that His Oneness never bowed ever to anyone. The point was honesty not whether he actually dropped his knee to the carpet and slobbered on the old slave owner’s hand. If Obama the MSM and Jay Carney thought it was a reasonable and expected part of protocol they would have said, “yes, Obama did bow to the King of Saudi Arabia” not “No, never, that was a trick of the camera. Or, he was just shaking hands and the King is sooo much shorter.”

          Now back to your incisive and hard-hitting post. I’m glad you were kind enough not to mention Eisenhower actually fellating the Pope. I am sure you did that to spare me the embarrassment of forgetting such and important event. Oh, sorry I just noticed you said Eishenower whoever that is. I did not know Eishenower nor am I aware he had anything to do with the Pope. I tried googling Eishenower and kept getting pictures of possibly illegal acts committed in an Amsterdam bordeel. If you’re wondering what a ‘bordeel’ is ask your grandmother. I am sure she’d like to tell you about how she met granddad.

          I noticed you mentioned Bush as well. For some reason I am certain that his name makes up a good portion of your waking and sleeping moments. That aside, I want to say that your well reasoned and quite, quite funny posting was entirely worthy of the ‘Duffleblog’. I invite you to post often as we can all enjoy your unique and erudite style.

          TWS AKA ‘douchebag’

          • I’m no Hero HONOREDTO HAVE SERVED W/SAME USAF SEPT 69 OCT 79 100% paid 20 1991 Civ Desert Storm reinjured 100% now up to 50 all non combat!! I served with them, doesn’t make ME ONE!
            broken down flyboy. BTW HEY BILL BITE ME !! Cuz u KAINT GIT A REAL MAN ON HIS KNEES even if HE hasn’t got any!! And billy boy u and ur kine da r always on urs just like ole billy boy WHOOO duznt now wat IS is! So don’t u DARE LET ME FEEL NO TEETH WHILE UR DOWN THERE! Understand BOY!!

        • Bill,
          Are you sure you are not masqueraing as a Bill? I bet your real name is Richard Cranium and is the formal presentation of your comment. Did you kiss BHOs ring? Or did you curtsy?

    • Again pure lies. The Medal of Honor kept slipping itself into his pocket in recognition of his courage and valor under fire. The Medal of Honor just won’t leave Obama alone. When he’s on the golf course it tries to caddy for him, when he goes to the head it jumps back into his pocket. Sometimes it winds up in Reggie Love’s pocket but that’s just an accident.

      • I have to respectfully disagree. To imply that the Medal itself was responsible denies the WILL OF OBAMA opps I mean God. That medal was his by divine right. To say differently is Blasphemy.

        Go Flog yourself for your impingement of His Lordship’s Dignity.

  28. “Update: White House press secretary denied reports that in attempting to unsheathe the dagger President Obama managed to kill three Girl Scouts, two of the press pool and wounded Joe Biden. Jay Carney further reiterated that none of the furniture was damaged by the slight mishap with the ceremonial dagger.

    Reports that Obama later inadvertently stabbed himself then swallowed the Fairbairn-Sykes while trying to show off with it to his golf buddies are also greatly misrepresented.

    When asked for comment Vice President Biden replied, “It’s not a big fucking deal.”

  29. Will The Big O give a bite impression so that the knife can be customized to make it more comfortable when he carries it in his teeth on his next mission to take out Mullah Omar?

  30. This can’t possibly be true.

    This story is ONLY being reported right here on THIS page. Trolling at it’s finest.

    • Hi Steve, Your doctor’s office called. It seems your medication prescription has too small a dose.

      Please take a larger dose of Reality because you are going to hurt yourself if you don’t.

    • Did you know that Hillary has a Ranger Tab as a clit piercing? Its True. And the reason all those Secret Service Agents got fired is because one saw it under some very hostile circumstances and filed an EO complaint.

      • It’s okay he got full disability for blindness so at least he’ll get his pention. The sacrifices we call upon our heroes to make are many but that’s the price of freedom.

  31. What has the military come to? This is a dishonor to all who have served.
    This man hates the military and the country, why would he be so honored.

    • As a Vietnam combat vet (11B) followed by a tour as a Huey door gunner the thought of the Poser in Charge be honored by any branch of our military especially an elite outfit as the Green Berets is enough to make me puke. Shame on you for honoring a spineless coward.

    • Kind of reminds me of Idi Amin DaDa and all of his awards! perhaps, BHO, will wear most if not all of them the next time he wears his “honorary Green Beret”, however, he might be confused as a Girl Scout (not to dihonor that organization) out selling coke, err, I mean cookies that he baked himself!
      Defensor Fortis

      • Jack I do believe that Obama has been ordained into the order of the straight arrow…but it was added a rainbow flash as to not offend any of his gay friends.

      • not defending Idi Amin Dada . . . but – at least that man served in the “King’s African Rifles’ and made it all the way from private soldier to warrant officer (no easy task in the British Army) – he was commissioned – and among the first commissioned officers after the country was liberated, making all the way to Major , , ,

  32. Based on his other recognitions, namely the Nobel Prize, the POTUS should have received his beret, knife, and trident prior to the killing of bin Laden; since that was potentially what he was going to do…

    • He has been highly recommended for the double cross and the dirty double cross with yellow stripe down the back with the famous Fu bar attachment. Naval personnel have recommended he be piped over the side while being honored with the prestigious deep six ceremony. The Marines wish to honor him by presenting a special ‘Roman Senator’ Ka-Bar fighting knife commonly known as the ‘backstabbber’ handsomely engraved with the ‘ET tu Brutea’ slogan as a reward for his support. The Air Force has offered the rare high altitude jet-e-son w/o chute to thank him and the Army has awarded him the honorary xzxz MOS designation (stationary target holder) and eagerly await the presentation on the historic artillery range at Ft Sill OK.

  33. Note: Sung to the tune of “Ballad of the Green Beret” – twinkle twinkle little shield, keep me from the battlefield, 10000 forms, I filed today, I got a pass and said hurray – pin my ribbons on my chest, my powerpoint is at its best, I never went into the field, a green beret, I’ll never wield . . . Just sayin . . .

    • Deuce and a half rollin’ down the track
      Signal Corps daddy gonna tack a little nap.
      Hiccup, sit up and close the door
      Signal Corps daddy is starting to snore.

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