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Senator Clarifies Remark Telling Troops To ‘Go Fuck Themselves’, Says Quote Taken Out Of Context


PHOENIX, AZ — A state senator is in hot water after making controversial remarks last week in an interview with Arizona Foothills Magazine. The full interview, which is to be released Friday, includes contentious quotes on military service-members, the constitution, and defense spending.

Senator Linda Lopez (D-29, Ariz.), a member of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, was apparently quoted during the interview as saying “the troops should just go fuck themselves.” Lopez continues to claim that her remarks have been “taken out of context” and that she is in fact a huge supporter of the U.S. military.

It’s not the first time Lopez is being questioned for something she said. In the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting, she told an interviewer that the shooter was “probably a veteran of Afghanistan.” The shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, had no military experience.

Her most recent remarks come after a vote in the Committee to improve education benefits and mental health services for veterans of all service branches. Lopez opposed the bill and was the only no vote, telling reporters that she opposed it on constitutional grounds. When pressed further, she admitted however, that “she hates the fucking constitution.”

Minutes after making the remark, she told reporters that she misspoke and didn’t mean to use profanity.

“I only voted no on the bill because I support the troops, but don’t support the war,” Lopez said. “Besides, if these numbskulls would quit enlisting, we wouldn’t need to support the stupid fucks. That last part’s off the record, by the way.”

Lopez has maintained that the full context of her interview quote was about supporting the troops and giving them fleshlights as a way “to go fuck themselves in the warzone and at home.”

Although The Foothills refuses to release Lopez’s full remarks until the interview hits news stands later this week, TDB did obtain partial transcripts.

“Frankly, the troops should just go fuck themselves. Let’s be honest here,” Lopez remarks in the interview. “I’m really tired of these people complaining all the time.”

Lopez is not the only politician who has made a gaffe during interviews or public events.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) once told a crowd that “he served in Vietnam” although he never deployed as a Marine reservist during the 1970s, and Representative Todd Akin (R-Mo.) recently came under fire after talking about “legitimate rape” and the female body’s amazing ability to defy biology.

After TDB confronted Lopez with additional context from the interview transcripts, the Senator backtracked and attempted to explain further:

“In my defense, I was responding to the troops’ demands for a constitutional amendment limiting elected offices to either veterans, uniformed police and fire personnel, or civilians who held conscientious objector status throughout their entire period of eligibility for selective service, with all others forced to wear velcro shoes and overalls,” she explained. “Fuck them.”

She has since apologized for her remarks, saying that she “just went full-on retard with what she said.”

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  1. Apparently you folks did not read what I posted. There is nothing in “about” that explains this is satire. It calls itself news.

  2. If this is supposed to be satire, why does it describe itself as:
    “The American Military’s Most-Trusted News Source. Deployed Worldwide at The Duffel Blog, The American Military’s Most-Trusted News Source, is updated daily with the latest news from the armed forces.”
    I personally don’t find it funny at all to dupe people with false reporting just for a laugh from sucking people in.

  3. OMGoodness,,, I’d like to tell that POS where she can go face to face. How dare she & why is TRASH LIKE THAT IN OFFICE!!! I’m so making calls to make her life difficult not to mention passing this around to others.

  4. DocGay-Maybe this BITCH needs to take a FLING FUCK IN A ROLLING DONUT.Noone cares for Dumbocrats anyway.Why you ask?Simple,Just look what our TROOPS have for a CIC.A God Damn MUSLIM.OH SHIT DID I SAY SOMETHING BAD ABOUT A MUSLIM?Well if they can’t take a joke FUCKEM.De Oppresso Liber


      No, you said something stupid about the President in response to a satirical fake news posting.

  5. It’s hard to believe that a U.S. senator would tell the troops to go fuck themselves. But it she did, she should first try it herself. And well she should, as from the looks of her, no one else would want the job.

  6. This CUNextTueday isn’t fit to hold high office. She should be thankful that we have young men and women who are willing to serve their country. Politicians like this are not worthy of the soldiers that are protecting them. Shes a frigging pig if you ask me and someone needs to beat her ass. Treasonous scum like this should not be allowed to hold high office. CUNextTuesdays like this need to be put on trial, convicted of high treason and put to death via hanging or firing squad. I hope she gets vaginal cancer, and I hope the cancer takes it sweet time eating her up. Then she can burn in hell.

  7. Hey all, this Puta is from the San Francisco bay area and went to U of C Berkeley before moving to Tucson. Probably a “friend” of the dingbat pelosi. She is a rep for Pima and Santa Cruz counties. Pima is where Grijalva and Giffords are from. Both are probably members of the Democrap Socialists of America and possibly the CPOA. That is the Communist Party of America. It is right down their alley. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Puta is also a member of these two groups. Remember Giffords? She is the idiot member of congress that wanted the war in the sandbox to be fought as a green war. Grijalva is anti American so the whole area around Tucson is full of trash.

    • Hey Maluka. You must be an idiot to think this story is real, but apparently you are so blinded by hate that you can’t see beyond the spew coming out of your mouth. Get a life. Go out and make a positive difference in your community instead of trolling the internet from your mom’s basement.

  8. I just reread this article for the 50th time and I still can not believe the insanity of the responses…my favorite line is Velcro shoes and overalls…I giggle every single time.

  9. Give it time. What is satire today will really come out the mouths of Leftist politicians in a few years.

  10. Why am I not seeing this on the Arizona Foothills website or

    If its true- this biotch needs to go. If it ain’t- you are a sackless wonder.

  11. Hey hey hey hey!!! Hvave you guys heard this out there? I’m trying to verify it through FLEM-COM as we speak. There was this Army dude soldier who was out on the wires patrolin around doing patrol stuff and he got lost. He ran out of THEMRE’s after about, uh I don’t know, a few days and some other foreign guy who wasn’t lost found him before he died ans said “Hey soldier, you look lost and hungry.” The Army dude soldier said, “Hell yeah I am. Now give me some goddamn food before I fraggle your ass!” Well the foreign guy who wasn’t lost thought the Army dude soldier was a real prick so he said, “Let me get you some food and show you the way back. Don’t much feel like being fraggled today!” So the foreign dude got the Army dude soldier a can of food and pointed him in the right direction. As the Army soldier dudee was strollin back to camp, he was just about to the front door of the Army dude’s soldiering campgrounds when he realized that the foreign dude had givin him a can of canned dogshit instead of some other really shitty tasting food! He got scared that his other Army dude soldier buddies would find out so he hid the can in his ass and acted like nothing had happened!!! Can you believe that one???

    • I cannot believe your complete lack of understanding of the English language and proper use of spelling and grammar.

      Look, the internet is free Haji, but really, if you are going to use it, learn to spell.

      • Dang Leftboner. That’s freindless. I was only trying to sound like I was an Army soldier dude who was stupid enough to put an empty can of canned dogshit up his ass so his other Army soldier dude friends wouldn’t make fun of him for getting lost. Dang. That’s harsh. I think I’m going to quit the Army now.

          • But he tried. Doesn’t that count for…Oh fuck it it’s too early and I am too tired. Just send him a dictiononomy or Chicago Book of Style and I’m going to get some coffee.

  12. Oh so just because it was a democrat that said these things it is now not a true article ? lol… If it were a republican that made these statements the article would be real ? lol

  13. On TDB’s Facebook page, they have an audio clip from a radio show that reported this as a real story. The “analysis” by media people who think these stories are real is almost as funny ad the stories themselves.

  14. I don’t know what is funnier .. the article or the number of brain dead people who didn’t realize it was satire ….

  15. And here is why lions eat their young. Ignorance is bliss.. how can that be “taken out of context”?? Being a vet I am not the least bit personally offended, I more so feel bad for someone that is that ignorant and has a total disregard for others when she is in a influential political position… worse yet, someone voted her in!
    “Politicians Can Go Fuck Themselves”… don’t take that out of context..
    Albert Crash Parr
    US Army

    • the90…I was passed this article and took it for real…I am so ashamed that I did…I wish someone would create a sarcasm font! I got it from a person who I usually trust but never will again. In the rush to paint the opposition in the worst light, we sometimes overstep. I still love my friends with whom I disagree…I am glad everyone does not think like me!

  16. I am so tired of the media and the current administration implying that We The People are to ignorant and illiterate to understand what they mean when they say something. It is always “misconstrued”, “misquoted”, “taken out of context”, or they were just “joking”. If we want to continue to enjoy our freedoms and celebrate our differences, we can no longer allow this administration to divide us. It doesn’t matter what your race, religion, sexual orientation, education, political party, or economic status is — the one thing we all have in common, the one thing that binds us together is the fact that we are AMERICANS protected by the Constitution. I believe, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, and that if we want to continue to exercise these rights we must stand UNITED against this administration. UNITED WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL! God Bless America!! We DID build it, and now it is up to US to defend it! The Constitution and our military deserve our respect!

    • Damn, as I was reading your comment, I suddenly burst out in a rousing rendition of “Proud to Be an American”, an eagle actually flew out of my can of Budweiser and immediately depacitated the closest Arab, then I went out and got another moto EGA tattoo on my face. Thank you. I love it when people proudly pontificate on political passions on satirical sites.

        • Actually, I was in the Marines for twelve years. Now I help facilitate purchases of weapon systems that other countries use to destroy each other. It’s truly a wonderful and fulfilling career. To tell people that I’m a direct contributor to the annihilation of people we see on CNN makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl. Besides, it’s a growth industry. Lots of job security. I’m also a staunch conservative. However, I would much rather laugh at a funny story than preach to the choir about politics. There are other sites for that, such as: Infowars, Huffington Post, The Hill, Disney, etc etc…..

      • The visuals of this comment alone made my morning. I have to ask though….we’re you in your underwear and do you have a mullet?

        • Once I left the Marines, I instantaneously grew a mullet. I think it is genetic due to the fact I am from Indiana. I still haven’t figured out how to surgically remove this can of Milwaukee’s Best from my hand, though. It gets in the way when I shoot at vermin from my porch.

    • I’m not sure if that comment’s intent was to give me wood…. but it did. Now I have to masturbate to it. How does that make you feel? Are you proud?

  17. You have the wrong Linda Lopez Picture! That is Senator Lopez of NM in your article, not Senator Lopez of Az.

  18. Must be something in the AZ water or air or maybe them duststorms, hard to tell some dems from almost all of the AZ tepubs when mouth opens!

  19. Even if it’s a joke it’s still in very poor taste. As an Army mom and a sibling of a mentally disabled person, these jokes are NOT funny. Our safety and the people of this country who have any kind of disability is not a joking matter.

    • Robbie, I agree. To label someone as saying they hate the Constitution without a label that says it is sarcasm, is dangerous. We know that Justice Ginsberg does not like our Constitution which led me to fall into a carefully set trap. I am ashamed but we should all check our sources! My thanks to your Army child! I am honored to know any serving American.

    • @ Robbie L. …have you learned nothing over your many years. You can’t walk into a locker-room and be offened of what you hear or see. As a mother with son in the Army and having a disabled sibling….these jokes are not funny- DO NOT get started here. YOU just exposed (2) chinks in your armor. You, your son, your sibling…TOO EASY!

      “The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”

      YOU have NO idea of the what lives in the barracks and the abuse that can come upon you…

  20. Lol I wonder if this lady did something to deserve the DB treatment. I feel bad if she didn’t. Kind of.

  21. I was really starting to get mad about how many retards are out there who actual believed this was a real story. Please people find out about the site before you take it as gospel. The amount of hate you people showed is disturbing and is a classic example of an angry mob gathering just because of a rumor. Shame, shame, shame but I hope you learn something from this (not just that you are a full on retard) but that you vet out your sources before you make a comment.

    • You know Michelle – leaving pithy and satirical comments on this site is almost as fun as reading the pithy and satirical stories – this stuff is GREAT!!!!

      • I know, I love this site more than 3,000 suns but holy shit, there are some dumb fucks out there and it gets annoying when they don’t understand after the first 59 people tell them it’s satire, it’s like they don’t know what a dictionary is,

    • That is what I was thinking, Gomer. The reason that people can’t see that it is a joke is because it accurately reflects the Democrat Party. Many people expect this from the Marxist “liberal party. This is how low things have sunk in this country, that people actually believe a “democrat” aka communist would say something like this. If you had written this about a Republican, folks would have definitely questioned it, but they no longer question this type of behavior from the other side. In fact, this is expected behavior. That is scary!

      • As a typical Democrat, I must object. Sonia, do you know what a Communist/Marxist is?

        Oh, and by the way, I’ve been in the military for nine years now. This in no way reflects the Democratic party. IT’S FUCKING SATIRE. You ask 99% of the Democrats you meet and they will tell you they support servicemembers. They may not agree with the conflicts they are brought into, but they will support those who make the sacrafice of volunteering so they are not drafted into service.

        • BULLSHIT ! D or R done matter no mo! be advised MR 9 yr mil man EAT ME! NOW THAT FUCUNTY! NO HERO BROKEN DOWN FLYBOY W/ Ten + 1 mo Active SEA/+ WORLD WIDE( dat meens I flewed all oowver da glowba) / 4+ CIV Desrt Storm Hurt Again/ Left to rot at 50 instead of do 100% I ern da twice ed) told in 1991 by a Dem Cong. To GO FUCK MYSELF cuz I was the wrong RACE & I would never git anything! R sens. ain ta helpd eder. Dis one is Late 2 Da Parrrtaayy! SO MR 9 yr milman DEM, DEMS DA FACT! cum git sum!! LOL HA HA HE HE sound to me he Jist went pp. in her pan t’s by bitch! BDFB. FUNNY SHIT LUV IT BYE

  22. There’s tooooo mannnyyy commments and I’m sleep deprived. I’ll have to wait a little bit to peruse them all later for my daily dose of idiocy and “quality” interpretations of said article.

      • Like ole joe ain’t no BIG FUCKIN DEAL! FUCKIN KILLUM ALL LET THAT THERE god a thar’s sort um out! funny shit! ” we luv it here we luv it here ur fukin A we luv it here. it never ranes it never snoes da CHICKEN SHIT JUST FLOOWS & FLOOOOOWWWWZZZZ!! ” 3 sept 69 1 oct 79 cum git SUM broken down flyboy no hero HONORED to have servered W/SAME! THIS HEAR IS “NOT” REPEAT NOT AN OFFICIAL NEWS ORGANIZATION TO BE QUOTED AS AN OFFICIAL NEWS ORGANIZATION !! NUFF SED NUMB NUTS?? Funny Shit! Me like um! BDFB/out

  23. who the hell voted this khunt into office? I don’t believe the majority of folks in Az. are that stupid???

  24. I love jokes about politicians! Or do I love politicians that are jokes? I get confused… Either way, this shit is funny!

  25. Shit! I wish more politicians were this honest. At least she doesn’t give you the hope of a reach around after she fucks you in the ass. Ha ha

  26. “The content of this site is parody. No composition should be regarded as truthful, and no reference of an individual, company, or military unit seeks to inflict malice or emotional harm.”
    This is directly from this website for all of you that don’t know. This website is a parody website, meant to be humorous. As a Veteran myself, serving 9 years in the Marine Corps and doing my time in Afghanistan, I personally love this site. Makes me crack up everyday!!

  27. Regardless of what she says or doesn’t say, how she votes, or her opinions on the military or war, as a veteran, I will tell you now – I shant be judged or led by someone wearing anal beads as jewelry (again). That is all.

  28. Her language, her disrespect for our troops and the Constitution, which she was sworn to uphold as a Senator, are enough to suggest that she should be REMOVED from office.

  29. Ha! You got me this morning! The headline grabbed me before I realized the site it was coming from! Getting super pissed off first thing in the morning, gets the blood pumping! LOL

  30. Wow that shit was fucking funny as hell…. In all seriousness they do need to provide flesh-lights to all front line marines ESP all 03’s and a gallon of water based lube (less mess) a month ……that will garentee to cut down majorly on all rapes ESP on human rapes……..thank you for your time on this important matter sincerely BO-VICE (jangalang jangalang)

    • A GALLON per Marine junior enlisted?!
      Wow! But, the USMC has enlisted an emasculated bunch since I retired from the Army!
      Before, ALL Marines had balls. Even the females. 😉

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