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Homeless Vietnam Veteran So Traumatized By War, Can’t Remember Unit, Military Terms


TAMPA, FL – Life can be harsh for those living homeless on the nation’s city streets. But for one man, it’s even worse — especially when he deals with the emotional scars of battle.

Polls show that 15 percent of the U.S. homeless population have served in the military. Many suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“It was definitely rough when I came home from the war in 1978,” says Richard McAdams, a veteran who served in the Marines during the Vietnam war. “I got off the plane and they were spitting on me and calling me baby-killer.”

McAdams says he served in Vietnam from 1969 to 1978, although the war officially ended three years prior.

“Well I don’t exactly remember the year,” he says, “but I know that it was really hell over there, especially when the Chosin was so freezing cold. My friend Billy actually lost his fingers to frostbite.”

McAdams is of course referring to the Chosin Reservoir, the location of the famous 1950 breakout by Marines of the 1st Marine Division during the Korean War, when McAdams was only one year old.

Korea is about 1800 miles away from Vietnam.

“No, no. There’s a Chosin in Vietnam,” says McAdams, as he stands up from his wheelchair. “Look it up, it’s there.”

The homeless veteran spends his days weaving between traffic and holding signs with messages like “Marine Served In Vietnam, Now Homeless, Anything Helps” and “Starving Vietnam Vet, God Bless.”

McAdams takes a bite into the burrito he just purchased when he’s greeted by a fellow veteran in a car stopped at the light.

“Semper Fi, Devil Dog!” says the driver to McAdams as he drops a dollar into his cup. “What unit were you with?”

McAdams is delighted to be recognized by a fellow Marine.

“I was with the 103rd – Operation Urgent Fury. December Five to you too!”

As the light turns green and the driver continues, McAdams turns, flabbergasted.

“Why did that guy call me a dog? That was pretty rude, don’t you think?”

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  1. Reminds me of a time while in recruiting when I was walking down a city street (to get some lunch) and some homeless bum saw the uniform (when it was still dress uniform to recruit) and said, “Whoa now, I’m not THAT desperate!” It took everything I had NOT to punch him in the mouth.

  2. This is funny stuff, but also very close to an encounter I had at a mall last year. I man in an electric wheel chair with all kinds of flags and patriotic stuff on it approached me and asked for some money. He had a USMC hat on and his story was something about serving in Viet Nam and problems with the VA, but the thing that tripped him up was he referred to himself as a “soldier”.

    Being a former squid myself, I asked him a few questions about what unit he was in, where he was stationed and what his MOS was. He didn’t know what an MOS was so I ask him if Marines have NECs and he still had no idea what I was talking about. I then asked him to come clean with me and he said that he didn’t serve, but his brother did and he was always proud of his brother and wished that he too had served.

    I thanked him for finally being honest with me and advised him to not carry on this lie. Not only is it dangerous (some veterans take physical actions against these pretenders), but it is illegal. He said he would stop pretending. I wanted to smack the guy, but I was in a Mall and he was actually disabled (car accident) and I had shopping to do.

    • Attack this JACK Sed no hero no poser I served was in war zones but I wasn’t THANK GOD Injured in one! I was where HERO’S WERE don’t make me one HOW BOUT YOU? Did you run over that wheelchair, or just give him a lucky break? You killer you! Back off ! Hoe k cuz I was disabld out at 20 after 10 yrs went back to Serve as A Civ Desert Storm state side/ spine/ Serv conn/ collapsed/ VA & dept of army & all politicos been pokin millions of Vets 1999 went back to Serve ( forced by DOL/army) now up to 50 % can’t work 100% on Paper but no mEdical help or $$ I’ll say I might raise some dust if I like. They can keep their …. $$ don’t want it. How are all these new Americans supposed to pay their way and all tha federal workers going to get paid if we don’t Spread the wealth around!! Bye bye whining widdle proper people

      • Dear Kevin,
        Your incessant illiterate ranting makes be doubt that you were ever in the service. You mention in every post that you are not a hero. Well no one on any post said they were so why the constant reminders. That seems like a poor attempt at reverse humility. Are we supposed to be fooled by the false humility into believing you?

        Also your posts have points of lucidity surrounded by the ramblings of someone who lost a portion of their brain to a flesh eating bacteria. You remind everyone about your “supposed” disability.

        I think you are a poser Kevin. The closest you got to serving was driving past the recruiting station in the back of a police cruiser. You call yourself a “broken down fly boy” but every pilot that I know both served as an officer and had a college education. They would be humiliated to post as ridiculously as you do.

        Shame on you. Shame Shame Shame.

        • Personally I think it’s Bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Parts of his mind seems to be missing. His alleged age indicates it could be overexposure to 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid back in ‘Nam hiding from Charlie in the canopy. He probably shouldn’t have drank the stuff in the orange barrels.

      • Kevin, your chemical induced ramblings were kind of funny at first, but if you really want to entertain, you need to learn when to stop and shift gears.

        If, by chance, you really are a veteran that is being screwed over by the system (the “man”), then my advice is go to a serious organization for help. Thinking you might get help or sympathy or whatever from a satirical news site, while funny in a way, is actually more like crazy ass retarded.

          • Sure but stupid is still stupid. I appreciate funny. Sounding like a moron who missed his meds because he downed a fifth of jack is not really funny. Just a moron who sounds like he downed a fifth of jack while missing his meds.

            Is trolling? Sure but then isn’t responding back a troll too?

            Or is it too difficult to troll while sounding sane and literate?

  3. I guess you guys are like A Clockwork Orange and Pink Floyd the Wall. You have to be stoned before they make any sense.

    • SGT B U B LAFFIN YET? Btw I’m only at 50% and was hurt in 91 and left to rot by VA & THE DEPT OF DA army & ALL PLITICO’Z all laws ignored! 100% since 91. They can Keep THIER $$ help pay to ship TWINKLE TOES horsies to and from and pay all the forieners to INVADE OUR COUNTRY all I need is a good Laff oncst in awhile! BDFB out

      • SGT B OR ANYONE ELSE how about Poor little baby lost his boyfriend so he commits treason in TIME OF WARand has a HISSY FIT releasing HOW MANY SECRETS to WIKI what’S? Why hasn’t he been EXECUTED YET! Or some muslim maj. opens fire and murders HOW MANY AT FT HOOD while yelling what ???? But his trail is delayed cuz he has a beard for religious reasons and that was workplace violence HUH!! WHAT KIND OF SHiT IS THAT??????? TWO ACTS OF TREASON IN TIME OF WAR BY ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY! UCMJ wtf is dat u say! SMELL IT YET?? US Soldier MURDERS 16 in RAMPAGE IN after gan his tan MURDERER! Traimatic Head Injury From previous Combat Tour(s) and never should have been Redeployed! WATCH HOW FAST THEY FRY HIS ASS! ARE YOU LAFFIN YET?? Marines writing tickets and directing traffic? MARINES ARENT METER MAIDS THEY ARE MEN AND so should WE ALL BE! NOW LET’S GET ON WITH DA SHOW BDFB out

          • Hey jer ree don’t like it? No what I gots two sez bouts dat!?? I really do not have to entertain you Jerry with my command of ANY LAGUAGE HO KAYE!! Not a ? It’s a statement of IDGAF bout wether u likum mi lettir UN ER knot bye Kerry oops PC Jerry! BDFB out /gee whizzers dis is Fun ! I got something you can climb up on or jump off of or sit on or rotate on or eat or do whatever you wields heart desires BLOCK ME I am having fun on a site that’s supposed to be FOR THAT REASON and if you can not get past that I am unable to assist you and can only suggest you get a life & learn to laff a little! I’m 62 and don’t really like what I’ve seen happen either, especially to people that seem to forget THIS SITE IS A SPOOF! Dumb Yourself Down, afore Ya Pop.

  4. FB POSTS as he got up from his wheelchair! I’d like to NO if all these JOKERS are LAFFIN with OR AT this DEVIL DOG ! USAF Broken Down FlyBoy sez AIN’T NO THANG! NO ONE IS EVER LEFT LEFT BEHIND, even if they get Vaporized! THEY COME HOME TO A BUNCH OF HORSEY ASSES (; exbronies 😉 not PC ; BEHIND’S and they do it so all you little TWAT EVER YUZ IS can put them on terror WATCH LISTS!! idiot miss pel a wurd TOUGH TITTY while MEN WERE DYIN uze BITCHE’S BE CRYIN!! Ha no bad maik wird soownd haha !! Couple TOP’S MGSGT’S USMC/ RECON/ PINNED A HERO’S honor on this BDFB.!! Sed I was one ofda onliest chair force they ever met that HAD A PAIR!! I’m no HERO/ HONORED TO HAVE SERVED W/SAME! For me that was akin TO THE CMOH!! How funny is that?!! To chair force vet HILARIOUS!!

      • Smell it ? It’s to the face book and the brownies ( broniies) 3 Sept 69 1 Oct 79 USAF plus civ Service 1991 Desert Storm 1999 Civ Serv in support of both! Non combat injured there Sarge no hero, but I was where HERO’S WHERE! Just HAVIN FUN! Ain’t it funny? SARGE? Hope so thats what that SHIT IS JUST SHIT! Smell it? I think WE ALL DO! even if we aren’t all HERO’S I’ll DEFEND ONE OR ALL OF THEM IN A HEARTBEAT!! Now let’s have FUN!

        • Technically, English doesn’t have to be one’s first language in order to post comments on TDB, but we would appreciate it if you first achieved literacy. Or at least came down off that massive high so some coherent thoughts could be articulated.

    • Left facy book too many BRONIES THIER every where THIER every where ! There twinkl and tinkle and CA CA and BA BA and panty horsy and wet my panties and I’ll kill you you killer veteran you horsy! WELL PILGRIM send in your p p pissy p p panty cavalry!! ok fellas- of again I meant GIRLTHZ charge ? I like my new chair force base! drop a bomb; wasn’t Unabomber or Ina bomber can be a bummer- pc agin- AS A HOLE! Instant AHOLE just add dew shssss bags NOW THAT’S FUNNY

    • Why don’t you take the trouble to learn a bit of English and English grammar? Maybe you’d get a bit more sympathy! Also learn the difference between Satire and fact!

  5. There are choices to be made here. We can believe and throw away any need to prove or we can demand proof. I think we need to get some proof. Anyone remember the movie “The Soldier”? We should have tattoo’s that are there to tell the world who we are.

  6. Well of course he didn’t make it back until 1978 – he had to wait until Chuck Norris rescued him . . .

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