Entire Military Has No Idea What Happened Last Night, But It Was Probably Bad

Drunk Guy

It’s New Years Day, and as is the custom, we’re probably still drunk and hungover. But we still found it important to look back on 2013 to see the stories that gripped the American military. These were the most popular Duffel Blog stories of the year (some were published last year, but we went by the most-read):


Tom Cruise Returns From 39th Combat Deployment To Burbank, California


New DoD Policy To Assign Rank To Military Spouses


Meet The Porn Star Who’s A Lieutenant In The Army Reserves


Pentagon Scraps Lightsaber Weapons Program, Gross Misconduct


Marine Infantrywoman Checks Into Unit, Buys Ford Mustang At 46% Interest


Captain Charged With Manslaughter After Leaving Lieutenant Unattended In Parked Car


Soldier Responds To Letter From A First Grader


Soldier Writes Writes Letter To NFL Player Who Bashed ‘Unskilled’ Military


Applebee’s Declares Bankruptcy After Offering Free Alcohol For Veterans Day


Outgoing Company Commander: ‘I Hate You All’

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Paul is a former Marine grunt with eight years of experience — specializing in snapping necks and cashing checks. He enjoys blowing things up, making people laugh, and hardcore gangster rap music.