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Same stock photo of attractive female officer used for another article about military women


THE INTERNET — The same stock photo of a female officer was used for another article about women in the military, internet sources report. The sources also allege that the woman in the photo “is kind of hot.”

The photo, a female lieutenant (junior grade) unfortunate enough to be photographed making a crisp salute, has been in almost constant use since it was taken in 2008. Plastering her photo on articles about sexual assault, the difficulties of gender integration, and how the Navy sucks has reportedly done the officer wonders throughout her career.

“Some articles with this picture have gone viral,” the latest writer to use the picture said. “We hope to piggyback on their success instead of writing something insightful that people will want to read.”

Comments on the article ranged from “would” to “totally would.”

One commenter said he “[has] a friend who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows her, and they dated.”

The article was shared more than 200 times on Facebook, all with someone tagging a friend and asking ‘Don’t you know this chick?’

This comes on the heels of a new recruiting poster which includes the pictures of a female rescue swimmer in a wetsuit holding her fins and a smiling woman in a flight suit and cranial helmet standing with her arms crossed. Both pictures have been in use for the past seven years.

The Marine Corps has begun preparing a press release about women in combat and are considering photoshopping a Marine uniform onto the naval officer’s photo.

At press time, an All Hands photographer was taking pictures of attractive female sailors standing in front of something cool. One is slated to be the cover photo of next month’s magazine along with a story about something everyone in the Navy already knows.

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  1. Googled her face. There are 23 pages of links:–sSYQQg7I6KX0J-pxJdoyCkzpn0fIkYsbyiqm_10x5Sc6ItCHMiOZu-dUX7cmOB-nzz80mdEV5Cm7Km4jVOEoixbuAZleRUqciKvYiwTMP2ni-8ruAg-LwdSf8sX9Fe7A0BLsEbvHqQYWDzZcI6JOXHuGtTPST7Q1d7lEpGkukguODQ4-KgOp_1JUiyOCO1vK1zl5AJGErgkUx8KwLbNjFG4GhCPPGllReEsKTFo0PSCotBK0giP3f0FCvd-jwBp5M6fP0jxQ8GobPw36riaG1Cze5RuEYTBpDTrPuxzSoy47RpmWC4nSr6TLTImAhHsv0BVFBozHG2t5LxoVNPcXs05E8jkqx82jM_1JB1O6tvpT4xwv_1CO86qITQDQVO2UPVknmvPj7XbyyvikMu5-4SWOD_1qnqDu7FSUzpzweHtxlnxd2C-RSG3svOvYUjybYRO5yxGtPmJjXoxmTiP2RByVm9aoOiWqvX3dW-N_1nulBRrVrnZo0YqYoiemWOpImhj9Rp3QqroUQLPrm6bspBF8xssD1rzJglWmOPzJrSqiMDKM6X4W95gG5xbdMQLnpHLtJNXQxeqipj1Ok18Ikj6URcJ1vFbOLYdUuCAR1GVrHginQ-11C0_1oXIx6VsrsMpOypKwYVhapCuzepbrqVrvm8w0Vv-hL48COfGVYzLX7CWQufQv9koUMxH_1HIiqEbrK2UM9ynBw-rLWk1IMBMKesHTBFmZUXWcSD0Lfxnvuq6i7gi81Gn7begUb9UA9CDAuiPvs2vPhiH8XqNOKakzIGKWy1P91jxxpmRcDF50gUQDLdeG-7IrYW4ItK33p6B-546ELZAKnS_105fRJsr9TGkjc4q2gu1M4OcWJ6_18aPs-abcBMLInzumYkz1UMbYTh6dMJIXqtt72YXRzsNh8HxggmbikBOJvpramT9N–ITPES7zzXXPOb8x6Xd-F12aXNd5a6tr3qf2cSNvxSlzRJ0aMxxmI8RfgCbd58cBXOBLz4x0fOmyx7FEKETWQg7GjWgTQit21676KVznoK1cP_1UkYGXzcIVvYHw0CXjflQwbSNL8tFWTMy2PS4HB5e78U7iGHxrwGXdCl6e-mNgF1Ze5nLj26Esjj42p6b0YhUpSVWf6y36pjCO5APmlQjUvjgrbtuWOmRsiCSEDu3CV8NncvPNhPqCqd8ZoX8HcUOYgaXt6YAcWJwUBmelZfzA57J6rdvcy1gQ8lLNtBLwaRbUIzqDrzTvAKnDXX-1VsZVbKJOD76S1H-dMA1gZm0iMmOce4A-ztZeI3iZvDtdUvMiOIbpI7qVYsDxfc7eAAyEXAC0GrTZrUHUHPmXTEi2f_1miPXZyYh1v1LHxPSwUkkMx0lNOIFYzQ7-pWQDsEzf6LnJMQvIwR4tH_1ARwBO4Te72vWMTGuSctSLFyH-cuGZTFKDk7juuNpPIL2WSqSFHWEX5IRuFh2gJdYHeLQ&ei=6GCyV7v5MsGSjwOxlqKwBg&start=211&sa=N&dpr=1.4

  2. I’d jizz on her face…..Those white glove hands are sorta kinky…BWTF do I know I’m Combat arms….Not some REMF!

  3. Lots of recruiting ads use civvies dressed up as troops. Bianca DeGroat running up a hill in an AF ad.

  4. Yeah, she was in “Navy Photos of the Day” a few months ago. And yeah, it’s a “crisp salute”, like the article says, but you can actually see her front teeth through her lips. But at least she’s an officer, not some grunt. I bet she looks even hotter now. I like older women in uniform. Thanks for the Wednesday eye-candy, Duffel Blog….Hump Day. LOL….

  5. I don’t see the “attractive” one. This one looks like someone’s little brother.

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