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Army private excited to attack Mosul at 0400 with company-strength element


STAGING AREA OUTSIDE MOSUL, Iraq —  An Army private says he’s very excited that he and his company-sized element will be attacking into the city of Mosul from the northwest, sources on Facebook confirmed this morning.

“Hey everyone! I’m so excited, it’s almost time for my first chance of combat!” Pvt. Lane Torrance wrote in a public Facebook post on Tuesday evening. “In fact, only one of the 20 US advisors to Iraq forces has ever deployed before. Except for Sgt. 1st Class Jimbo Johnson of Alaska. He’s a badass, and he’s been deployed seven times. When he’s not overseas he’s managing the local Long John Silvers on Main Street in Juneau.”

Sources say Torrance — who has a profile photo of him with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his lip as he holds a M240L machine gun that he is not allowed to carry — also reported being a little bit nervous about his first taste of combat, though he was confident in the battle plan his lieutenant had told him, which he shared in the post.

“Intel’s reporting a lot of enemies on the southern bank of the Tigris five miles from the city. I’m nervous but Sarge said not to worry. We’re going to have air and artillery support for the first 16 hours of the battle until the weather worsens. We’ll be exposed overnight during the dark hours, but ISIS won’t know that so it’s fine,” he added.

Prior to Torrance and his company stepping off early Wednesday morning, he warned that he might not post as much to Facebook for a while. Still, he told his family, friends, thousands of random people on Facebook, and ISIS leadership that there was a way to track his movements in real-time.

“I won’t be posting any more Facebook updates for a while but I’ll have my iPhone Location Services on so you all can track me live,” he wrote. “I’ll upload some dead-people selfies to Twitter too once the battle has settled down.”

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  1. I remember letters on C Ration/MRE cardboard. Accounts like this should be forbidden during deployment. Are they addressed in OPSEC briefings I am sure?

  2. You laugh, but we had a rear det 42a (admin) whose sole job it was to monitor all of our social media accounts during our deployment and report incidents like this up the chain. This was 5 years ago. I was just a support-MOS platoon leader at the time and had at least one OPSEC violation / week relating to social media.

    Young wives/girlfriends were the worst… “I wanna know where you are and where you’re going, I promise I won’t tell anyone, but if you don’t tell me I won’t talk to you for a week.” 5 min later it’s on the [public facing] FRG page.

    • Well, a bunch of us had sock accounts and gave the wrong time and direction, as psyops was too busy printing up cartoons to air drop.
      As for our wives, although my wife does know how to keep her trap shut, we didn’t tell them squat. Just their acting nervous in public might give home recruited observers reason to alert their buddies.

      So, we entered from the west, arriving at 03:00, with a pair of squads, a mortar platoon loaded for God, priority for air and the B team takes point (hey, when crew served weapons open up on what’s supposed to be point, it confuses the shit out of the other guy, who has studied our doctrine.
      We also mixed it up a bit, A team withdraws, B team covers our bound, bad guys find our claymores.

      Of course, it helps that one, I’m a dirty rotten SOB tactically and two, I can see through camouflaged positions/people. So, it was, “Oh, look, an ambush, how quaint. OK, let’s disassemble this one…”
      Even the CSM for the brigade said, “damn, but I’m glad that you’re on *our* side”, as did the BCT CO said the same. And some weird guy I never saw, with two stars on his hat. Shiny ones, must’ve gotten them at kindergarten.

      Oh, a hint, two squads works, a platoon turns into shit when TSHTF. Split the difference, the guy you trained runs the other half.
      Advertise your time that’s weak as when your support is increasing.
      Never, ever, *ever* try to take a nibble off of what you can’t chew whole with two squads.
      When close air can’t get ’em, indirect fire can, use the shit out of it. Just make sure you direct that shit, they’re not extremely bright and if they start to get creative, things can go sideways in a New York minute.
      Oh and tracers? Strip them, leave them in a cache that Helen Keller could find (Google it). It’s far better for *them* to use them than for us to use them, they do work both ways. 😉

      Oh, as they’re unlawful combatants, they’re not protected by *any* convention, let ’em have it hard.
      I’m the prick that reinvented shake and bake.

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