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Early voting data shows World War I veterans overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton


WASHINGTON, D.C. — With over seven million votes cast so far in the U.S. presidential election, early voting data is pointing to a tight race in most key battleground states.

But there is one battleground upon which the Donald Trump campaign appears to be headed towards utter defeat: The fight for votes from World War I veterans.

With at least 25,000 World War I veterans casting their votes thus far, the party affiliation breakdown of submitted ballots is suggesting a hard break towards the Clinton camp among veterans who fought in the Great War from 1914-1918, sources say.

Some 98 percent of ballots cast from the demographic have been from veterans who are registered Democrats.

“This is tremendous news for the Hillary Clinton campaign and for the Democratic Party,” said Donna Brazile, interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. “We knew that if we could get a strong turnout among the doughboy demographic, we could win this election.”

Other Democratic Party operatives have been coordinating a strong grassroots campaign to register veterans to vote and ensure their ballots are submitted ahead of voting deadlines.

“I’ve been knocking on doors, searching public records to track people down, all sorts of things to identify vets and ensure their ballots make it to a mailbox,” said Andrew Spieles, a college student at James Madison University who is associated with Young Virginia Democrats. “I’m proud to say that I’ve personally registered sixteen World War I vets to vote in the last two weeks, and all of them have indicated their intention to vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Democratic lawmakers expressed their satisfaction with the success of the grassroots operations.

“Winning elections is not about your message as much as it is about voter turnout, so I’m proud of our efforts to get these veterans registered and their votes submitted early,” said Christina ‘Tita’ Ayala, a Connecticut state Representative elected to office on the Democratic ticket. “Vote early and vote often, I always like to say.”

Unfortunately, all World War I veterans we tried to contact declined to comment on the record.

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  1. That war ended 96 yrs ago. If the youngest was 20 then he would be 116 if he were alive today. Were they the ones walking on water to fish?


  3. laughing soo hard all ww1 vets are dead so if the claim there is ww1 vets alive that means its rigged google it and it will say last one died last vet Frank Buckles died 27 February 2011
    at age 110 years

  4. I do hope everybody recognizes this as a joke. I don’t think there any survivors left from WW1. So, if they’re voting they have risen from the dead – and I know of only one case where that has ever occurred. (And – I doubt that He would condone Hillary’s actions – or vote for her.)

  5. It’s not unexpected as the majority of remaining voters from the WWI are primarily women who are elated at the thought of a woman being president. Remember, women did not have the right to vote until 1920 – which was 2 years after WWI ended. The vast majority of voters in this demographic have probably already cast their votes and it is unlikely that there are many more expected.

    What is important is that the vast majority of voters have not yet cast their ballots. Anyone who is clear thinking and up-to-date on the daily onslaught of information regarding Hillary, her criminal activities and the activities of her co-conspirators, knows that she is the last person who should ever darken the WH again.

    It is imperative that everyone understand the critical nature of this election.EVERYONE needs to get out and VOTE TRUMP!

  6. There is no way this could happen..WWI was in 1914-1918 even if an enlisted guy lied about his age and was only 15 then..he would be 113-117 depending on when he joined,,,they are ALL DEAD!!! If they did vote then it proves voting fraud!!!!

  7. I have been holding my peace and praying for America for their new president for some time now, but I got to say, there has to be better candidates then this, but know that I live to server God and only God and Jesus Christ, but is every one blind, do you not see the wolf behind this flesh of this women. It is time America to get on your knees and give it to god,and Let him handle it, he will show your heart whom to vote for. God please Bless America and interact to whom the president should be, and keep every one safe from Satan’s destruction on this country, Amen

  8. Duffleblog is a satire site. There are no more WWI vets around anymore. Last one passed away a few years ago if I’m not mistaken.

  9. please tell me this id from a parody site , the last american world war ! vet died february 27th , 2011 at the ripe old age of 110

    • This article is intended to be a joke. Think about it. Look it up. Be skeptical. It is not a violation of Universal laws to think about it, then laugh about it. If you can figure out how the Republicans, who control almost all of the critical states election judges, can let rigging happen, you need to confront them instead of grousing about it where it will do absolutely no good. That would be quite a failure of Republican state government officials if rigging is happening in their states. Name a state where it must happen for a Democratic candidate to win
      and it is probably run by Republicans. Name one . . . I’ll wait.

  10. They must mean WWII, not WWI. No one is left from WWI, and if there are, it surely isn’t thousands…

  11. ??? World War 1 vets are dead, so are we talking about VOTER FRAUD. This is the only way that a dead person can cast their vote from the grave. What next Confederate Civil War Vets also casted their votes for Hillary, Northern Civil War Vets would never vote for her. Also, we mustn’t forget about the Revolutionary War Vets they should have a vote too, oh yeah thats right they were all Republicans back then, so their vote does not count.

  12. So, there are “members” of this site commenting who haven’t figured out it’s satire? I’m with Ed Kosky on this one. Go Navy!

  13. How in the Hell can you get a WW1 veteran to vote if he’s been dead for many of years. I want to met this so called WW1 veteran and ask him about what he saw during the war he fought in. I have not seen a WW1 veteran in 25 yrs. I’ve seen WW2 veterans around but not one WW1 veteran.

  14. Also further news, early voting exit polls indicates a full backing for Hillary Clinton in the zombie community as well.

  15. Satire people. All the WWI vets are dead. Dems register dead people. Dead registered voters vote dem. Get it?

  16. PEOPLE! This is a SATIRE site. If you cannot figure that out from the leaders of other articles…then God willing you are a liberal and not a “deplorable.” ELK (USNA ’68)

  17. This just shows more ignorance….Anyone that believes that there is 25,000 WW1 Vets left in the USA Deserves to be a democrat..FFS, they would have to be at least 112 yrs old and thats if they enlisted at 14…..Vote For America,,, Vote Trump…..

  18. Bias troll website that promotes registering dead people to vote. Only way Democraps can win HAHAHA!

  19. baloney.
    Curious how many had help voting? How many were actually alive to vote?
    World War I, also known as the First World War, or the Great War, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. Duh that’s 98 years ago.
    So we have 25000,00 WWI veterans that have to be 100+years old that voted? They must have enlisted at infant age

    • You do realize this is duffelblog, right? Do you even know what duffelblog is? Read some more articles and get a clue.

  20. are those WWI vets that the JMU student registerd dead? because one of them got caught registering dead people! this story sounds like it came from the onion.

    • Click on the name in the article. That IS the JMU student that is charged with registering dead people.

      The last WWI vet died in 2011.

      This is the military version of The Onion.

  21. Seriously, I wonder how many of these old heroes are still voting in Democrat controlled precincts. “The Voting Dead…”

  22. Sadly, this is true since the last WWI vet died in 2011.
    “I hate my father. He voted Republican till the day he died and now he votes Democrat.”

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