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M.C. Master spits knowledge outta N.S.C.


THE PENTAGON — M.C. Master, a three-star Army general and amateur rapper, has been dropping truth bombs on the National Security Council since his appointment as National Security Advisor was announced by President Trump on Monday.

“The President offered him the position as the country’s top strategy advisor,” said White House Spokesman Sean Spicer. “A typo on his assignment order swapped the periods in H.R. McMaster to M.C. Master, so he’s flowmaster-in-chief just like we planned. Period.”

Though M.C. Master had no previous rapping experience, when asked if he was down with the N.S.C., he replied “Yeah, you know me” with such effortless rhyme-smithing that the position was made permanent.

M.C. Master takes on the post after the resignation of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who wasn’t a player, he just talked a lot.

The outspoken M.C. Master has confused pundits who wanted to box him into the raging East side/West side conflict.  After showing early promise with a laid back, West Point-style flow, the M.C. recently made public statements that he’s been “Easting since ’73.”

Many in the media have speculated whether M.C. Master would be ready to step to Steve Bannon as part of a larger posse, or if a future of rap battles lay ahead.

M.C. Master has shown he’s as quick to throw shade as he is to step to opinions.

“With so much drama on the N.S.C. it’s kinda hard being new from the cavalry. But I, somehow, some way, keep coming up with funky ass shit like every single day,” said M.C. Master, as he dropped the mic and walked off towards a glorious crowd of cheering, thirsty-ass NatSec bitches.

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