DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Dr. Seuss gives your weekend safety brief

Dr Seuss

Would you like to have some fun?
Did you, did you clean your gun?
Field day quick and then you may
Have libo soon, but first obey!

Do not smoke it in the dark.
Do not sniff it in the park.
Do not shoot up here or there.
Drugs are wrongful everywhere.

If you drank it in the bar
Do not get into your car
Alcohol is A-OK
But call a cab to save the day

Would you, should you surf today?
Check AFN before you play.
If danger danger posted be,
Do not go into the sea.

A fox! A babe!
A girl! A chick!
Should you, could you
Have her quick?

Ask her first. If she says yes,
Then wrap it first, don’t make a mess.
STDs will rot your junk,
And no one wants to smell that funk.

Get off base and go have fun.
Enjoy the beach, the sea and sun.
Just mind your manners or you’ll see
The CO soon for NJP

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