Lieutenant, GS-6 battle for vacant office

airman and dog

After the final good-bye to a really good guy a battle would arise between
two former allies
Inside the basement, two cubicles adjacent turned one lieutenant an
assailant for the office marked vacant
“Why you packing so fast?” the GS-6 asked to the officer who passed on by
with a blast.
“This office is mine, for I’ve done my time,” said the lieutenant, still in
his prime
The GS went on attack without holding back while the young man packed up his
one plaque
“Listen you quack, have you no tact? The office is mine you little shit
Caressing his rank the young man’s heart sank, shocked that someone could be oh
so frank
“You talking to me? The office is free and I am the one that’s in the Army!
There is no choice, from the sound of your voice, we clearly must fight to
determine who’s right!”
With a nod of consent their anger was pent and off to the meeting room is
where they both went
The laptop ajar is how they did spar as the transitions began with a star
“You lowered the bar with skills so sub-par, clearly a Cav scout is all that
you are”
“Wait I’m not done, there’s nowhere to run, sit back and relax, I’ve only
Each word he did read til eyes they did bleed but the GS decided he would not
Not very quick the remote he did click knowing his schtick would soon do the
Four hours in, his head then did spin, knowing full well the LT would win
“That’s it, I’m out” he let out with a shout, “I don’t even know what this
shit is about”
Collapsed in his chair, gasping for air, the GS did know that no more he
could bear.
After secession and a bout of depression the death of PowerPoint is no
longer a legend.

Joe D.

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