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VA operator still waiting on hold with Comcast


WASHINGTON — Department of Veterans Affairs Phone Outreach Assistance Specialist Janice Edlers has been on hold with Comcast since 10 a.m., sources report.

“This is not just incredibly frustrating, it’s disrespectful and demoralizing,” said Edlers, who routinely leaves her phone off the hook in her cubicle in a Department of Veterans Affairs Call Center while she makes coffee, gets a snack, or texts with her boyfriend.

“I don’t expect to get things done immediately, but Comcast could at least pick up.”

Edlers, whose Mega ShowDeal package expired on Friday, has expressed that if she has to wait another 45 minutes on the phone with Comcast she “might just kill herself,” rather than go another day without access to Showtime programming.

“I could just give up and go with another company, but Comcast is the only service in my area,” said Edlers. “Can you believe in a country with all this money, I’m forced to work with this shitty, falling-apart service?”

Edlers said she plans to take Monday off to focus on her cable issues, according to her supervisor, which would place the already short-staffed VA call center at even longer hold times. She also said she may need to miss an additional day to wait for the Comcast contractor to drop off a new cable box.

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