DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: An American Bald Eagle gives your weekend safety brief

American Bald Eagle

Keeaw-screech! Scra-eech! Scra-eech! Scra-eech!

Kuk Kuk Kuk Kuk?

Keeaw? Keeaw!

Keeaw-screech! Scra-eech! Scra-eech!

Kuk Kuk.


Kuk Kuk… Kuk Kuk.


Keeaw-screech–Scra-eech Kuk Kuk–Scra-eech!


Keeaw-screech: Scra-eech; Scra-eech.

Kuk Kuk Kuk Kuk!



Kuk Kuk.

Scra-eech! Scra-eech!

Kuk Kuk Kuk Kuk? Kuk Kuk. Keeaw-screech! Scra-eech!

Keeaw? Kuk Kuk Kuk!


Kuk Kuk.


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