Dan Bilzerian to meet Dakota Meyer at the monkey bars after school

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HOME ROOM — Verbal sparring on social media between King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian and some Marine blogger named Dakota Meyer has escalated into a full blown punch up expected to take place today in the playground after school.

Last week, during a food fight in the school cafeteria, Bilzerian filmed himself fleeing the area and later claimed he was going home to get some pudding to throw back. Meyer criticized him for running away while everyone around him was covered in baloney and cheese sandwiches and rending aid.

Bilzerian responded on social media by calling Meyer a “retard.” He then posted a video taken by a friend showing him running up to a teacher and asking for some chalk so he could put Meyer’s name on the board and put him on detention.

“I don’t know who the hell you are,” says the teacher in the video. “What is your creepy ass doing on school grounds anyway?”

“Dude, I’m a certified and sworn substitute teacher,” Bilzerian explained in the video. However, records show he actually failed out of substitute teacher certification twice.

Meyer now claims Bilzerian’s weirdo friends have been Snapchatting his girl during chem lab which prompted him to double dog dare Bilzerian to fight him after school.

Bilzerian has since sought the help of foreign exchange student Kim Jong Un. Casualties from the fight are expected to be in the bilzerians.

Duffel Blog correspondents Dirty and Donnell contributed reporting.

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