Jacksonville tattoo parlor celebrates 1000th backwards EGA

marine backwards tattoo

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — Streamers fell from the ceiling and a magnum of Pabst Blue Ribbon was popped as Blind Bomber Tattooing celebrated their 1000th backwards Eagle, Globe and Anchor being tattooed Saturday evening.

The lucky recipient was Marine Corps Pvt. Denny McClusky, a slightly-drunk Bulk Fuel Specialist new to the fleet at nearby Camp Lejeune. For the honor, Blind Bomber presented him with a 5-pack of Wintergreen Skoal and a gift card to the food court at the Jacksonville Mall.

“We’ve been doing EGAs for years now and it’s still confusing,” chuckled Bruiser Douglas, head tattooer at Blind Bomber. “So we thought it’d be fun to keep a count. We have a good tally of ‘UMSC’ going as well.”

The 9-by-9 inch full-color tattoo, which stretches across the left side of McClusky’s back, is flipped the wrong way with anchor facing outwards. McClusky was also considering adding the words “Death Before Dishoner” underneath it in large, Gothic lettering.

“It was exciting but I didn’t really understand what they were celebrating until Monday morning, when my squad leader, Cpl. James, asked to see my new ink and started frothing at the mouth,” McClusky said.

Sources familiar with the matter say James did not mention his own backwards EGA tattoo at the time.

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