Report: Another asshole just tagged you in Facebook post about Veteran’s Day

vet facebook

THE INTERNET — Yet another asshole has tagged you in a Facebook post about Veteran’s Day, sources confirmed today.

The post, written by that guy in your platoon you couldn’t stand, noted that Nov. 11 was Veteran’s Day, “a day to remember all military service members, past and present,” while tagging you and roughly 276 other people.

“Thank you for your service to all my brothers,” the asshole wrote in the post, which is currently setting off your Facebook notifications like it’s the goddamn Fourth of July.

Hundreds of your fellow veterans on Facebook told reporters that they were not thankful for this dickhead saying he was thankful for their service.

This latest Facebook post comes on the heels of nearly a dozen others written by a squad of assholes, who officials say can’t just write Veteran’s Day posts without dragging you into their comment sections.

“Oh look, another one,” you reportedly said, before clicking over to turn off the goddamn notifications on the 27th Facebook post about Veteran’s Day that you’ve been tagged in so far.

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