DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Vanilla Ice gives your weekend safety brief

vanilla ice

Yo, OIC! Let’s kick it

Think twice, twice, baby

Think twice, twice, baby

Alright stop! Assimilate and listen

Friday’s back with a brand new intention

Alcoholism grabs a hold of you tightly

Suckin’ down Blue Moons daily and nightly

Will you go full sot? Yo, I don’t know

Start any fights, and I’ll blow

Do the live stream, act childlike with no handle

Best disengage before you hump and cause scandal

Trance; wake up in a recovery room

Failed to abstain from a poisonous lush womb

Deadly, when you itch with no remedy

Anything but a blood test is straight entropy

Love it then leave it just another foray

You better have an alibi, this kid don’t play

If this is a problem, yo I’ll solve it

Check the logbook while my duty recalls it

Think twice, twice, baby

Think twice, twice baby

Andrew Calin

Once a master of the tow bar, snatch block, and police call, Marine veteran Calin now seeks enlightenment from the fruits of world news, infinite coffee flow, and his insubordinate children. Don't you ever come in here empty handed again, you gotta pay for the pleasure of his company.