Veteran gets job helping veterans find jobs helping veterans find jobs

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — After a months-long job search following his separation from active duty, former Army Sgt. Curran Mallard has finally been offered a dream position with a local non-profit that helps veterans find jobs helping veterans find jobs, sources confirmed today.

Mallard, 28, accepted a new position with VETS2WORK4VETS2JOBS on Monday, his first salaried position since leaving the Army in September. His duties, according to the V2W4V2J website, will include “working to find work for vets who aren’t working.”

“Basically,” Mallard explained, “I’m responsible for sending out at least 40 emails per week, each with no fewer than five attachments, to keep veterans apprised of job opportunities well outside their skillsets, in a variety of unappealing locales.”

But that’s not all, Mallard says.

“I also scour popular job search engines like Monster and Indeed, as well as USAJOBS, copying and pasting job openings and descriptions word-for-word, while being careful to omit such details as ‘job location,’ ‘required experience,’ ‘salary range,’ and ‘how to apply.’”

His biggest responsibility, however, is to help veterans find openings doing his exact same job.

“Many people don’t realize how much growth potential there is in the veteran job-placement industry. Our veterans deserve to be kept informed of the job opportunities available to them, and there’s no better person to do that job than a veteran.”

Just last week, V2W4V2J helped place a former Marine Corps captain in its Des Moines office, where she now sends emails to over 40 percent of Iowa’s unemployed veterans.

“Anyone can go to a veterans’ career fair,” Mallard said. “But only a veteran understands how to help veterans find jobs putting on career fairs for other veterans.”

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