Veteran on Facebook notes that Aaron Hernandez is not among 22 veterans a day who kill themselves

RUSTON, La. — Local veteran Ryan Baker is about to post yet another Facebook statement about his take on the 22 veterans a day crisis, this time tying in the recent news that disgraced ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez hung himself in prison, sources confirmed today.

“I think this one could surpass 10 likes,” says Andrew Delaquaex, a Facebook friend of Baker’s who isn’t quite yet sick of his shit. “I’ve never seen someone so passionately post about the 22 subject four times a week like Ryan has.”

Baker, a professional veteran who willingly ended his enlistment three years ago and spends a considerable amount of time openly proclaiming that he’d "go back in to fight ISIS in an instant” has been known for his riveting ability to twist any national topic into a post about veteran issues — most notably suicide.

“Ryan never misses an opportunity to remind people to buddy check their brothers on the 22nd of each month,” Seth Garcia, a veteran who still enables Baker, told Duffel Blog. “I’ve never actually talked to him but, if there’s one thing I know about his posts, he’s going to totally put society in its place for discussing a suicide that wasn’t committed by a veteran.”

According to screenshots obtained by Duffel Blog of his budding manifesto, Baker said, "this society is going crazy over the news that some piece of shit civilian football player killed himself and meanwhile nobody wants to pay attention to the 22 veterans a day who kill themselves. Great, you wanna mention that cuck’s name but you can’t remember the names of the 8,030 veterans a year who do it?! Just sayin.”

The declaration comes on the heels of his last successful rant, which bemoaned former President Barack Obama as being responsible for the 22 rate because he didn’t acknowledge it in his exit speech, a post that garnered Baker a personal record of seven comments.

“I wrote back that what he said was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read because there’s absolutely no facts backing it up,” said Tom Bidia, a veteran who is able to focus on subjects other than military service. “Then he called me a ‘libtarded sheeple’ and blocked me.”

Baker, who couldn’t be reached for comment because he was putting the final touches on his tirade, is expected to have the post up shortly before his VA appointment at 11 a.m.

“A lot of people don’t understand that Ryan is taking the fight to veteran suicide by incorporating it into every aspect of life,” said Delaquaex. “He constantly has me hanging on his every word.”