High school acquaintance 'would have totally been Special Forces' had he enlisted

YOUR HOMETOWN — Reports are beginning to surface that Trent Anderson, a guy you had two classes with in high school, would have been part of the U.S. military’s most elite combat units had he chose to enlist after high school.

Anderson, 31, was a former varsity cornerback for your high school’s 2004 football team. He believes this gave him the skills that would have helped him excel during some of the military's most difficult training.

“You know, a lot of people don’t realize how tough practice could be. We did a lot of running, sometimes up to four times around the track,” said Anderson, who definitely would have been an Army Green Beret, Navy SEAL, Air Force Pararescue, or some sort of Marine. “Beyond that, we did burpees. I can’t think of any other sport that did those in high school, and I know that those are pretty popular in the military. So that definitely would have given me the edge over all of the other guys there.”

After high school, Anderson was offered a partial athletic scholarship to Montana State University-Northern, a school of just over 1,100 undergraduate students in Havre, Montana.

“I thought about taking them up on the offer, but they said I would have to sit on the sidelines and redshirt my first year because of my grades. That’s not just who I am. I’m all about action. So I stayed home and got on at my dad’s lumber distribution company,” said Anderson, who without a doubt would have received a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Around town, Anderson is known for being very patriotic and thanking veterans and active duty service members for their service.

“He saw the Navy veteran license plate I have on the back of my truck, and thanked me for my service,” said retired Chief Petty Officer Manuel Garcia. “He then said he would have gone into the SEALs after high school.”

Garcia, who spent 20 years working on the flight deck of aircraft carriers, went on to ask Anderson if he was part of the swim team in high school.

“No, I never did that skinny kid shit. Back in ‘04, I was 190 pounds of dense muscle so I actually would have sunk like a rock in a pool,” Anderson, who certainly would have been part of the SEAL Team 6 unit that killed Osama Bin Laden, replied.

When asked why he never enlisted Anderson told reporters, “I don’t know, just got hooked up at my dad’s company. But if I did, I would have totally been special forces and everyone knows it.”