Afghanistan starts asking awkward questions about where small wars come from

KABUL — The United States just stared ahead with a blank look on its face after the Afghanistan War began asking questions about where small wars actually come from, sources confirmed today.

Revealing that friends told it that big wars like the one against the Taliban were brought to this world by an unmanned aerial stork, Afghanistan went on to question whether small wars were created by God, the CIA, or by some other means.

"Where do small wars come from, really?" Afghanistan reportedly asked the United States, according to sources.

"Well, uh, uh, well, have you, uh, have you asked your mother?" the United States responded. Sources say that Afghanistan was undeterred, telling the United States it should just tell say where they come from. "Come on, I want to know, pop."

According to officials, the US finally explained that, when one nation attacks another or, perhaps, if one nation loves another nation's resources very much, a nation sometimes invades the other's air space, slips in a provisional government, then repeatedly thrusts itself into local and regional conflicts until a beautiful insurgency is born.

"It's almost 17 years old. You'd think one of its friends would have explained by now," the United States told reporters afterward.