Senior Air Force NCO Stationed In Alaska Wonders What Happened To His Career

NOME, ALASKA — Air Force Technical Sgt. Frank Lott thought he was doing everything the Air Force wanted him to do, but now finds his career at a dead end with little hope of future promotions.

“I thought I was checking all the right boxes,” the 13-year veteran told reporters. “I did a tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan working on F-15E Strike Eagles. I even thought of one day making Chief Master Sergeant.”

All that ended for Lott last January when he was relieved of his duties as an F-15 crew chief and reassigned as a supply sergeant for an Air Force Reserve unit in Nome, Alaska.

Lott’s fall from grace began during a joint exercise in Thailand. Lott’s former coworker Staff Sgt. Randy Thorne explains, “I knew how he was all about the whole devoted husband thing. But come on! We were in Thailand!”

Thorne said Lott was not interested in the bar girls in Bangkok. “He just kept saying he was happily married. Hell, we’re all married but it was Thailand! It just wasn’t normal. I just couldn’t look at him with any respect after that.”

Things got worse when they returned to their base in the United States. “We all assumed if he wasn’t getting busy in Thailand it was because his wife back home must be a seriously dirty girl,” said Master Sgt. James Durwick, Lott’s supervisor at the time. “But when we started asking him how it was when he got back, he said his wife’s aunt was diagnosed with cancer the day he got back and ‘she wasn’t in a place for emotional intimacy for a while and he respected that’ or some really gay crap like that. “

Lt. Col. Robert Kuchevski was in command of the 242nd Fighter Squadron at the time. To him the decision was simple.

“It’s about unit cohesion,” he told Duffel Blog. “My squadron had just accepted its first openly gay pilot. The only way we got over that was she was a chick, she was kind of hot, and her girlfriend was smokin’! God, I mean she was really hot! Like Miss Freakin’ America hot! And firm. And she knew how to dress."

"What the hell were we talking about?”

Kuchevski said that when his wife said he should be more like Lott, “I knew I had to get rid of him.”

Chaplain Dallas Ripley wanted to help, “but let’s face it, it’s the Air Force. If you're not doing something weird and inappropriate, you stick out. Just a week before Lott hit the skids, our wing commander had been caught naked in a closet with a Senior Airman and a German Shepherd. I’m not sure what Lott wanted me to do.”

These days Lott is still in Alaska and has resigned himself to what remains of his once promising career. “I called my congressman to try to get him to help but he had just got caught texting a picture of his wang to a whole bunch of people. I just ran out of options.”