Alcoholic CO Charges Star Soldier With Drunk on Duty

FORT DRUM, N.Y. — Capt. Tyler Peters, the commander of Bravo Company, 1-87 Infantry, charged Staff Sgt. John Shuller on Wednesday with being drunk on duty after the soldier arrived at PT smelling like whiskey, sources report.

Shuller, who sources say rarely drinks, was taken out for a few beers by a friend whose life he'd saved during a vicious gunfight in Mosul, for which he'd received the Silver Star. The occasion was to celebrate Shuller's recent promotion to E-6, years ahead of his peers.

The soldier also had "a shot or two," bought for him by a teacher at the local community college where he earned his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, according to a friend who was familiar with the event.

Peters, who arrived to an interview with Duffel Blog red-eyed and smelling of bourbon, told Duffel Blog that this isn’t the first time he’s had to discipline Shuller.

“That guy has always been trouble. Last month he decided to go to his daughter’s school play instead of volunteering for the local highway cleanup I had signed the company up for. Even after I told the men it was 'really important.' The balls on that kid,” said Peters, after pouring some type of dark brown liquid into his coffee with a shaking hand.

“That morning I walked into the office about 30 seconds before formation, and when Shuller passed me I smelled alcohol. Probably Glenfiddich 1997 Special Batch," he said.

"I mean, if I had to guess,” he quickly added.

“I pulled the guy in and told him I suspected him of being drunk on duty. Sure enough he immediately owned up to it and apologized. I said that I didn’t think something as minor as celebrating a promotion to Staff Sergeant was worth throwing away your Army Values and immediately ordered him to the MP station for a breathalyzer.”

Peters leaned back and stared at the walls of his office, lined with pictures from his fraternity years, doing keg stands, playing beer pong, and posing with what the caption described as "escorts."

“Sometimes you just gotta give these guys some tough love. It’s what being a good leader is all about.”

Editor’s Note: At press time Shuller had been given an Article 15 and reduced in rank to E-5 for a BAC of .02, while Peters received the Army Commendation Medal for his zero tolerance policy in regards to alcohol incidents.