Army feeling cute, may change its uniforms again

WASHINGTON — The Army posted a photo to Instagram today with the caption “Feeling cute, may change the Army uniform later, IDK.”

The Air Force and Coast Guard both totally liked the photo. The Navy left a sarcastic GIF in reply, mocking the Army's clear attempt at garnering extra attention.

The Marines called the Army a series of expletives and said, "DO IT!!! #youwont #armysoweak."

The Air Force told reporters, “Every single time we tell the Army that everyone thinks it looks beautiful just the way it is, the Army posts some weird insecure crap like this. Like, dude, seriously: You look great, everyone understands the ACUs were a mistake. Let's all move on!”

The Air Force's opinion represents the majority, who cannot understand why the Army continues to post uniform changes in selfies only to later delete them.

“I think the Army just needs to look in a mirror,” the Air Force added. “It'ss beautiful the way it is.”

The Army did, in fact, decide to delete its photo later. Its latest post includes a quote from Marylyn Monroe about how flawed yhe Army is. Everyone still insists The Army is beautiful, but the Army's all, like, IDK.