Army Fortnite Lieutenant Goes Missing During Navigation Exercise

FORTNITE ISLAND — A lieutenant in the Army's eSports team was reported missing early in his training, and leaders are conducting a thorough search before a virtual storm makes rescue efforts dangerous, sourced confirmed today.

Hundreds of Soldiers have flocked to represent their service branch in popular games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Fortnite since the Army's announcement of plans to create a number of sponsored professional eSports teams

The Army recently completed its first pre-screening cycle for what will become its Fortnite team. 150 Soldiers undergo an intensive selection cycle in the hopes of earning the coveted "Fortnite Ranger" tab and a spot on the eSports roster.

Second Lt. Joshua "$n1P3$" Sykes, a recent graduate of West Point and one of the four Fortnite platoon leaders, was reported missing just a few days after the start of the selection process. Sykes and his platoon were out on a routine navigation exercise when the lieutenant took a wrong turn, according to Staff Sgt. Elizabeth "MtND3W" Hernandez, a spokesperson for the Marketing and Engagement Brigade at Fort Knox.

"$n1P3$ and his team were en route to Polar Peak from Pleasant Park. Upon arriving at Tilted Towers, the first rendezvous point, platoon sergeant Sgt. 1st Class Jason 'D0r1To$' Kissinger noticed that the Lt was no longer with them," Hernandez said.

"He honestly could be anywhere," D0r1To$ told reporters as he expressed his dissatisfaction and concern with a "Heartbroken" emoticon. "The best thing that we can do now is hope that he can manage to look at the top of his screen to see in which direction our markers are."

The search area has been widened to include all of the spaces between Loot Lake and Paradise Palms.

"We just hope that we can get to him before the storm does," D0r1To$ said as he rallied his team after an intense dance off to go find the missing lieutentant.