9 Incredibly Badass SEALS

SEALS are among the most badass creatures on the planet. With an incredible array of weapons, training, and tactics at their disposal, they are known for their battlefield exploits. Duffel Blog searched far and wide for some of the most notable examples of SEAL operations to bring you some of the best here.


A SEAL calls for close air support after coming under heavy enemy fire in Afghanistan.


"... the seal goes ow ow ow ..." by Cloudtail

Trained in stalking, a SEAL stealthily emerges from the water off the coast of Libya during an operation to capture or kill a terrorist leader.

A SEAL practices diving techniques while training in Coronado, Calif.


After being inserted by a Navy warship in the Black Sea, this SEAL prepares for a long-range reconnaissance patrol inside Ukraine.


This SEAL gives his teammate the "Go" signal before setting explosives on an Iranian ship bringing weapons into the West Bank.


In a clearing found among dense jungle, a SEAL sets up satellite communications to send back a situation report on drug smugglers in an undisclosed South American country.


Here a SEAL shows off his impressive array of edged weapons before gearing up for a raid.


A SEAL lands on the beach in Somalia before conducting a raid on Al Shabaab terrorists.


A SEAL lays on a crowded beach as researchers study it in its natural habitat.


You've seen these totally badass SEALS ...

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