Battle buddies for life? These veterans get together every 5 years to fight the same war

KABUL — They say that when you join the Army, you join a family.

These battle buddies are proving it!

Long after Devin Sharpe, Eric Burns, and Calvin Fischer met each other on a deployment to Afghanistan in 2003, these brothers in arms get back together every five years to chill out, remember the past, and fight the same war!


Fischer credits their long friendship to honestly, a sense of humor, and a 4 to 1 dwell time ratio that keeps their friendship strong. Burns points out that every time they start drifting apart and focusing on work and family, the Army helps them focus on what really counts: their friendship and a never-ending war in Afghanistan. Sharpe adds all the similarities the group has, like three rotations five years apart with the same mission and the same lack of results.

This bromance is an inspiration to us all!

It’s incredible that no matter what changes in global or national politics, these friends remember what made their bond so strong by going back to where it all started — the forever war. Sharpe, Burns, and Fischer are looking forward to their next reunion, which might be the last before they all retire and go back to Afghanistan as contractors.