Bi-Racial Female SNCO Sick Of Always Being EO Advisor

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — Citing gender and racial discrimination, a multi-racial female Marine filed an equal opportunity complaint against her unit for always selecting her as the Equal Opportunity Advisor, Duffel Blog has learned.

Staff Sgt. Dwrena Soledad, the daughter of African-American and Puerto Rican parents, alleges she is continually singled out for collateral duty as Equal Opportunity Advisor because of her bi-racial background and gender. Last week she formally submitted a report to herself in the form of an Article 138 UCMJ Complaint.

“This is racially offensive and utterly sexist,” said Soledad. “How come the EO is never a white male? I want to know why I’m never the SACO. I’d like the chance to meat gaze for once.”

Soledad went on to point out there were a number of other qualified SNCOs within her command, but they were never tapped for duty as EOR.

“Gunnery Sgt. Pho is more than qualified to take on these collateral duties," said Soledad. “Plus, he’s one of them gooks too.”

Soledad’s commanding officer, Col. Tobias Gebhard, claims there is a method to his command style and why he selects particular Marines for specific collateral duties. For instance, he claims his unit’s Substance Abuse Control Officer regularly abuses a prescription for medical marijuana before handling gallons of stranger’s urine.

“I’m trying to develop my staff and officers by assigning them tasks they may have demonstrated a weakness in,” said Gebhard. “It’s about employing my command in accordance with its capabilities and forcing the staff to make self improvements through the execution of their daily duties.”

As further examples of his leadership style, he pointed out his Sexual Assault Prevention and Response officer was addicted to hentai porn, and his Suicide Prevention officer was manic depressive.

“It’s not about Staff Sgt. Soledad being a woman or a minority,“ he said. ”I assigned her as EO because she’s a flaming bigot.”