Navy Restricts Honorary Chief Bill Cosby To Scrubbing Honorary Toilets

WALTER REED NATIONAL MEDICAL CENTER — Honorary Chief Petty Officer William Cosby was called before an honorary Captain’s Mast Thursday at the Navy’s Medical Command in Bethesda where he was busted down to Honorary E-1, sources told Duffel Blog.

Cosby has been accused of numerous acts of sexual impropriety and assault by more than a dozen women in recent weeks. He faced charges from the Navy in front of the ironically-named Capt. Douglas “Cliff” Huxtable, 37, of Philadelphia, who concluded the comedian and actor's official duties would now be restricted to scrubbing honorary toilets.

According to witnesses to the proceedings, Huxtable was both personally outraged and professionally incensed.

“I became a doctor and specifically an obstetrician because of you, Mr. Cosby,” Huxtable reportedly said. “And now I’m shocked to learn you’re not like your TV character at all.”

Cosby will be honorarily restricted to barracks for 30 days, forfeit all Green Room perks at Navy functions, and be denied access to sedatives for 90 days.

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