Opinion: I can't believe Bradley Cooper would just lie like that

The following is an opinion article written by Jeffrey Anderson, an accountant from Reno, Nevada.

Have you heard the news? Bradley Cooper didn't earn all those awards he says he earned in American Sniper. Apparently, he made stuff up to sound cooler. I thought Bradley Cooper was better than that, but I guess we're all human.

It's not like he needed to make up stuff anyway. He has a bunch of other cool movies. He was in that movie The Hangover. That was pretty funny.

He even earned real awards, not fake awards, for some other films. There was a football movie about a silver playbook. I never saw it, but I heard he was really good.

Also, how can Bradley Cooper claim he beat up Jesse Ventura? He wasn't even in Predator.

Why would a man with such an impressive resume and body of work would feel the need to lie like that? I guess doing really cool things and being married to Sienna Miller wasn't enough for Bradley Cooper.

I'm a little disappointed.