Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Missing GoPro Camera

MONTEREY, Calif. — The Coast Guard suspended its search yesterday for a missing GoPro camera that disappeared two weeks ago when 20 year old Brad Sullivan was surfing off the coast of California. According to a spokesman, Lt. J.G. Sean Kelly, the Coast Guard had "done everything [they] could."

The GoPro went missing on October 3rd after an "amped" Sullivan was surfing off the Monterey "while trying to catch some epic waves with some of my bros," Sullivan said. The Coast Guard said the GoPro was fastened securely to the board via suction mount, however, Kelly noted, "After taking a gnarly wake, the camera came unhinged and tumbled into the water and was all, like, gone."

Calling the decision to suspend the search “agonizing and heart-breaking,” Kelly told reporters in San Francisco that if the there was only a leash or a floaty attached to the GoPro, maybe they could have kept searching. However, after several search-patterns from multiple assets, the camera seems to have been lost to the briny deep.

“I want to express my deepest sympathies to the surfer for losing such an expensive and awesome camera,” he said. “Clearly I’d be upset as well but these things happen and we need to be emotionally prepared for these kinds of events.”

Kelly said that the Coast Guard had searched a staggering 30,000 nautical square miles from Monterey to the Golden Gate, and extending 300 nautical miles west of Santa Cruz.

Sullivan says, "Their efforts do not go unnoticed, but efforts don’t heal hearts." Sullivan says his loss is both frightening and heart wrenching.

“My hope is that much further in the future Brad can take comfort from the fact that hundreds of people searched thousands of miles because we were desperately committed to try to find that GoPro,” Kelly said. “That is my wish.”

“Dude it just ya know, sucks and stuff,” Sullivan disappointedly admitted, “Now who will see how awesome and extreme I am?”