Coast Guardsman gets pumped after Super Bowl announcer thanks 'all four military services'

MINNEAPOLIS — Sources confirmed that Coast Guard member Paul Brabsack attended the Eagles vs. Patriots Super Bowl game Sunday night and was audibly excited and proud when the announcer thanked “all four military services” at that night’s game.

“Hey fans, we’d like to take a moment to thank the brave men and women of all four of our military services who are here at home and serving overseas,” said the announcer that night during the 30-second military appreciation video played on the Jumbotron, adding to make sure you say ‘thank you’ to your nearest military member. Sources confirmed that the video was immediately met by deafening cheers from Brabsack.

“Finally they notice us as one of the four military services,” exclaimed Brabsack. “It's rough when you watch a USO event and the performer forgets about the Coast Guard or when you’re at an amusement park with free tickets for military but they won’t let you in or when you’re talking to a relative and they have no idea the Coast Guard is an armed service.”

“So you have to understand my excitement! I’m wearing my Coast Guard sweatshirt, my Coast Guard hat, and I even have a few Coast Guard bumper stickers, so I’m really psyched to have someone approach me and show gratitude for all the sacrifices I’ve made for this country. Now let’s go, Eagles!”

Brabsack was later seen trying to get the crowd around him to chant, “When I say Coast, you say GUARD!”