Combat veteran unsure whether to stand up and clap for this pogue being honored at ball game

ANAHEIM, Calif. — A Marine combat veteran attending a Los Angeles Angels game is unsure of whether he should stand up and clap for this dipshit pogue soldier currently being honored on the field, sources confirmed today.

"Do I actually have to do this right now?" asked Byron Trask, a former infantry sergeant who left the Corps in 2016.

According to team sources, the Angels brought out Army Pfc. Juan Rivera for their 7th inning "salute to service," which highlighted the soldier's extensive military service over the past three and a half months as he has learned his job as a water purification specialist.

Rivera, 19, smiled and waved to the crowd as the announcer spoke of his heroism and service to the US Army for all of five minutes, sources said.

"Everyone around me is standing up and clapping for this douche," said Trask. "I just can't do it. Screw the peer pressure."

At press time, Trask had eventually stood up so he could leave his seat to purchase four beers, which he plans to drink in rapid succession.