Controversial 'Navy SEAL Slide' Move Now Taught At BUD/S

CORONADO, CA — In a memo that is sure to send shockwaves through the SEAL community, Naval Special Warfare Command released details on a new move to be taught to all future operators. The memo, obtained today, outlined an interesting maneuver dubbed "The Navy SEAL Slide."

The slide, which was seen in the new film "Act of Valor" will now be taught immediately after "Hell Week" at BUD/S.

The author of the memo, Adm. Bill Jennings, believes the new slide will give the SEALs another competitive edge.

"I of course saw the movie, and I loved it," he said, "but when I saw that SEAL run, slide with flailing arms, and then recover and shoot a terrorist, I knew this needed to be in the SOP."

The memo instructs all SEAL instructors to begin learning the move so that it can be implemented in the next BUD/S class, beginning later this month. The first step in the move is for the SEAL to run at full speed. He is then instructed to drop to both knees, flail his arms and weapon in the air and slide uncontrollably, and then take a single knee and aim in at his target.

"The trainees will be tested on how fast they can execute the slide," says Navy SEAL instructor Chief Joseph Grissom, "and if they cannot get it done in under 2 seconds, it's sugar cookie time."

Jennings believes that this is exactly what the SEAL community is looking for.

"We've been around for a while, and the enemy has started to figure out our tactics. They know we're going to do the rising out of the water with rifle up thing," as he motions through the movement, "and they got us with the upside down rappelling and snapping necks thing, so this slide is just the next logical step in fooling the bad guys."