Critics say World War III won't be as good as first two

HOLLYWOOD — In the build up to a third world war possibly breaking out on the Korean peninsula, many critics have expressed concerns it will not live up to the hype, sources confirmed today.

"It just seems unlikely that anything will beat the first two," says documentarian and critic Ken Burns. "And if history teaches us anything, look at Return of the Jedi, Back to the Future III, and Matrix Revolutions. All were massive disappointments."

World War I and II came out in the first half of the 20th century, and are still the most popular in history. More than 70 years later, video games, movie rights, and other merchandise still turn huge profits. For the third World War to come close, it will need a wildly compelling story, gripping action, and a solid cast. But critics remain skeptical.

One big concern is the cast, according to insiders. The Greatest Generation delivered a remarkable performance in WWII but are unavailable to shoot in WWIII, and rumors that the Adequate Generation will be cast for the role does little to ease skeptics' minds.

Another concern is how to tie-up loose ends from the previous war. At the end of WWII, President Harry Truman introduced the nuclear bomb and changed the entire concept of warfare. Critics are torn on whether the next war should address the bomb or just ignore it completely.

Despite skepticism among critics, a huge turn out is projected. World War III does not yet have a start date, but front row seats are available now at your local recruiter.