The Duffel Blog Calls Upon Army Secretary John McHugh To Admit His Secret Zoroastrianism

Enough is enough, and despite numerous "no comments," obfuscations, and outright lies, Duffel Blog editorial board remains resolute in its duty to the American people to expose Secretary of the Army John McHugh as the closeted Zoroastrian that he is.

McHugh's adherence to the two and a half thousand year old Persian faith has been the topic of much debate. We all remember the famous "Feinstein Debacle" which occurred on the Senate floor prior to his appointment. Yet, despite the initial uproar, the elitists in Washington and the majority of the "mainstream media" has consistently bought McHugh's lies about not worshiping the Iranian tribal goddess of wisdom, Ahura Mazda.

We at the Duffel Blog, much like one in five Americans, will not be force fed these lies. We, as independent thinkers, look upon the evidence and doubt. Such evidence is plentiful.

Why, for instance, is McHugh often seen wearing hats in accordance with the Zarathustri mandate that such action will prevent the evil one with corrupting your mind with foul thoughts? Can the Honorable John McHugh explain his grandfather's presence in Central Asia during the Holy Festival of Hoshang Bhadha Ashtuh Behram? Furthermore, how does one explain away his public comments which clearly indicate his fondness for the Prophet of mankind's first example of monotheism — Zoroaster?

It's high time that this charade end, Mr. McHugh.

The American people will not think less of you for adhering to the faith of the ancient Persians. Indeed, more than two million people proudly call themselves Zoroastarians to this day. What Americans, and indeed the Editorial Board at the Duffel Blog, have a problem with, is liars.