DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Eazy-E gives your weekend safety brief

Eazy is my name and you best not be….

Straight outta condoms…

Y'all are brothers from another mutha

And make believe the bitches all love ya

Heinous motherfuckers raisin' hell

And if you ever get caught you’ll skip bail

See you don’t give a fuck, that’s the problem

You see a motherfuckin' thot, you don’t dodge ‘em

You rock hard, game? No, pant a while

And when you see that big ass, you riled

To me it’s kind of funny, head first in that pussy you divin’

But don’t know how bad she been ho’in

You lookin’ for the one they call sleazy

But here’s a flash: they ain't all easy

Clueless, your drunk ass stagger in the dark

Seconds after you drop yo load

You in your car and pass out from inebriation

And hear the scream of the tires before the crash devastation

I hear a little jingle on my phone and I’m trippin’

I’ll leave a legacy no one will be forgettin’

So what about the boot with crotch rot? That fucker?

You think I give a damn about a boot? I ain't a sucker

This is a stern warning of the NJP

And if you ever fuck with me

You’ll be charged by an oak leaf rockin’ brother who will smother

Word to you motherfuckers, straight outta condoms