Empowering! This veteran doesn't let his PTSD get in the way of his alcoholism

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — Some veterans let debilitating PTSD dictate every aspect of their lives. Whether it is an irrational fear of crowds, fireworks, or trash on the side of the highway — having PTSD is a real bummer!

But that's not the case for Army veteran Glenn Flannery. Through the power of positive thinking, along with prescription grade narcotics and an enabling support system, he was able to overcome his crippling PTSD and lead a full, happy life as a high functioning alcoholic!

"It was really hard living with the stigma PTSD brings," said Flannery, who couldn't leave his front porch after returning from Iraq, let alone go to a bar or liquor store, without the specter of his past hovering over him.

"It just felt like my friends were all quietly judging me. 'Hey, Glenn doesn't drink any more! Glenn goes to his kids' soccer games! He's present for his loved ones!' You know, the usual crippling self-doubt and loathing, only worse because I didn't have a steady supply of hard liquor to drown it out."

But after meeting his demons head-on, those days are long gone. No longer bedridden and dependent on friends and family to sporadically bring alcohol to his house, Flannery has the strength to take his pathological drinking to the next level!

"I realized I had some real bad influences in my life holding me back from my goals," said Flannery, while opening a beer with the edge of his counter top. "I was tired of people telling me all of the things I can't do: you can't drink, you can't piss in the laundry hamper, you can't mix psychotropic medication with vodka. It put me in a really negative head space."

That is when he took a long, hard look at the toxic relationships in his life and decided it was time for a change.

"I wanted to focus on what I can do. And here I am — two years removed from abandoning my wife and kids and haven't looked back!" said Flannery.

It just goes to show through the power of over-prescription and a self-entitlement complex, anyone can turn their life around and achieve their goals! Whether it is chronic severe alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, or climbing Mount Everest, the sky is the limit!

"If I can conquer my disease and lead a virtually blackout free lifestyle, then so can anyone!"