FORT BENNING, Ga. — Wow! Can you believe this generation? This MILLENNIAL wasn’t even at Fort Benning long enough to get mail in Georgia, but he thinks he should get special treatment for the REST OF HIS LIFE.

Can you believe the sense of entitlement?

Pfc. Ethan Davis, who hasn’t even been in the Army for a year, thinks that just because he went to Airborne School, everything is about him. He yells Airborne at strangers and changes the words of TRADITIONAL army songs to be about his little elitist club.

Now, Pfc. Davis thinks that he should get to wear a special pin on ALL of his uniforms. Just like a MILLENNIAL, Davis thinks that if he just meets the standards he should get a gold star and praise. Can we tell him that the Army is for big kids and NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY?

Wow, in the Army, things used to be EARNED and not GIVEN.

This snowflake thinks that SCHOOL will make you a better American, but the only school that really works is the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS. Why don’t you try to learn by WORKING HARD and DOING SOMETHING?

Whoa, Pfc. Davis. Are you wearing a French hat now? I thought that this was AMERICA. That hat looks PINK like COMMUNISM, but I guess you learned about THAT in your fancy school.

Five jumps doesn’t make you a hero, Pfc. Davis. That’s something that red-blooded American WORLD WAR II vets know that a MILLENNIAL never will.

The worst part is that this MILLENNIAL expected the government to pay for his school. Unbelievable! Taxes are stealing from citizens, and you look like a robber, Pfc. Davis.

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