Female private files sexual harassment complaint with Space Force IG

GATEWAY STATION — In the latest sign of trouble for the nascent Space Force, Pfc. Jenette Vasquez of the Colonial Marine Corps has gone public with a sexual harassment complaint she has forwarded to the the Inspector General, sources confirmed today.

“I just got so sick of their crap,” Vasquez told Duffel Blog in an exclusive interview. “Every day it was ‘Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?’ Just because I can shoot better than any of those losers and have short hair does not make me a dude.”

Vasquez filed her complaint with the IG shortly after the USS Sulaco arrived at LV-426, one of three moons orbiting Calpamos, for a reconnaissance mission.

“I tried to talk to Lt. Gorman about it first, but he wouldn’t know what leadership was if it jumped up and hugged him in the face,” said Vasquez of her platoon commander, who did not respond to a request for comment since he was busy micro-managing a squad from the relative safety of an M577 Armored Personnel Carrier.

Cpl. Hicks, a noncommissioned officer in Vasquez’s unit, confirmed the harassment Vasquez faced.

“She took a lot of crap from the guys, especially Hudson. They’d say stuff like ‘Wanna help me get a chest-burster?’ I felt bad for her,” Hicks commented. “I don’t even know what that was supposed to mean.”

In response to Vasquez’s public announcement, a Space Force spokesman stated that all allegations would be investigated to the fullest extent of Space Force law as soon as all personnel were evacuated from the moon.