Females Complain After Administration MOS Opened To Males

WASHINGTON – An influential group of female military officers and congresswomen have sent a formal letter of protest to the Defense Department over its plan to open up administration-related jobs to males, saying the move will "dangerously degrade" the military's ability to process paperwork and other claims.

The letter, drafted by veteran lawmakers Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and labelled "Don't Dick Up Our Paperwork!" states, "We are concerned over the Pentagon's plans, in the name of political correctness, to burden its already-overstretched female clerical personnel with thousands of untrained and unqualified men."

The two have joined a growing chorus of active duty and retired females who are demanding the Pentagon exempt female administrative specialists from any required gender integration plans and have already forced Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to walk back earlier plans to immediately open up the administration field.

Over the past two years under what has become known as the "Dempsey Rule" the U.S. military has been directed to abolish all gender-restrictions and prohibitions on its military occupation specialties. While the decision mostly affected women in combat billets, a lesser-known change was that men are now being allowed into previously all-female administration roles.

That's something Staff Sgt. Amanda "Amy" Susan, an Administrative Specialist at Fort Pickett, doesn't want to see.

"It's not that I'm anti-male, I just see the introduction of men as bad for our unit," Susan told Duffel Blog. "We'll be right in the middle of trying to process a whole division's worth of DD-214's and one of them is just going to blurt out, 'Guess what? I've got a penis!' And then all the other males are going to chime right in about some sporting event or cars or boobs or whatever, and there goes our day."

Marine Capt. Sandy Constance, an Adjutant at Miramar, California, also thinks that mixing men and paperwork just doesn't make sense.

"If you go back in history, administration has always been an exclusively female domain. I just don't see why you want to mess with a system that works," Constance said. "The next time America goes to war, who's it going to rely on to process out the combat veterans, sign the divorce paperwork on junior service members, or push through the sketchy Bronze Stars for the field grades? Us girls, that's who!"

While Susan and Constance were willing to speak openly about the problem, many servicewomen are privately saying much worse. According to 1st Sgt. Katrina Moerk, the Army's leading expert in social media usage, various anti-male groups like "F'n Sausage" have been popping up all over Twitter and Facebook in response to the plan.

"I've seen all kinds of things like, 'Men are only going to take this MOS so they don't have to deploy,' or 'They're never going to get any work done cause they'll spend all their time watching porn' or even 'We all know how he got the job,'" she said, making a crude gesture for throwing a football.

She then showed Duffel Blog a video of a clearly stressed out male Marine 0161 Postal Clerk in the midst of a grueling day at the Camp Pendleton post office trying to sort mail while several females shout and otherwise berate him.

"The important thing isn't that he took two hours to file a single package, or licked half the stamps and stuck them all over the other personnel, but that he was eventually able to complete the job. Misandrists and other man-haters should think about that before insulting his abilities, or complaining that he spelled 'Marine Corps' with a 'K.'"

Moerk said she naturally supports whatever the Pentagon decides on. "I'm all for equal opportunity, as long as the standards are kept. If a man can type at the standard Word Per Minute, I say let him screen."

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