First officers graduate SOCOM's new SNACK-O course

War is hell... when you're hungry.

By W.E. Linde

TAMPA, Fla – U.S. special operators have a critical new capability in their arsenals now, after ten officers graduated this week from U.S. Special Operations Command’s new Snack Officer, or “SNACK-O” course.

“Special ops teams are often inserted into denied territory for extended periods of time,” explained SNACK-O course manager Maj. Franklin Parks. “Our operators endure all kinds of hardships, but one of the worst is not being able to satisfy that inevitable craving for a Twix bar or Coke on day three of a clandestine intel collection mission. Well, that won’t be an issue anymore.”

“Not just anyone can wear the Chocolate Beret,” said Col. Warren Sanders, SOCOM’s Chief of Plans, Policies, and Procedures. “It takes a person with nerves of steel, a mind like a steel trap, and — most importantly — a grade below O3.”


The class challenged junior officers from the Army, Air Force, and Navy by putting them through four weeks of grueling training that rotated between isolated exerc…

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