First Sergeant invites you to duty for Marine Corps Ball via YouTube

THE INTERNET — First Sergeant has invited you to stand barracks duty the night of the Marines Corps Birthday Ball by posting a video to YouTube, sources confirmed today.

Sources say the video was uploaded to YouTube and posted on your Facebook wall directly after formation on Friday, so he knows that you've already seen it.

To acknowledge that you received the video, you need to get into your dress blue alphas and start a video on Facebook Live. Make sure to tag First Sergeant so he can inspect your blues, the sources added.

"Make sure you don't fuck this up," your squad leader said. "Even the slightest uniform discrepancy can be made into a GIF and retweeted by the president."

Don't bother asking for a refund on your tickets, since First Sergeant said that's a price he's willing to pay. And speaking of cash, the video was monetized to pay for the company staff's drinks.

At press time, sources reported that you should be roving your post with a selfie stick and a phone that is Face-Timing with First Sergeant himself.