Ford Announces 'Deployment Edition' Mustang

THE PENTAGON – Reporters and spectators crowded the River Parade Field as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, stood beside the president and CEO of Ford Motor Company, James Hackett. Behind them, a vehicle draped in camouflage netting cast a shadow of mystery over the two senior leaders.

"Ford has always been a proud supporter of our troops," said Hackett, as he and Dunford ceremoniously pulled back the veil. "That's why it gives us great pleasure to honor our brave men and women by introducing the new 'Deployment Edition' Mustang!"

Ford Mustang—Deployment Edition (artist's concept)

Service members and veterans looking to purchase a new Mustang can now add the Deployment Edition package to any trim for an extra $5,000, which includes the following features:

- Custom rank and service branch badging - Military-themed vanity plate - Signature “Old Glory” tail lights - 2x non-fading, patriotic bumper stickers - Rear external security pouch (for storing keys and small valuables during field PT) - Yellow reflective seat belts - Chrome Mk2 grenade shifter - “Own-the-night“ backup/360 cameras with touchscreen zoom and electro-optical/infrared target lock - Muffler delete upgrade - Machine washable, pleather seat covers (for driving after intense physical/field training)

Active-duty military worried about affordability can rest at ease. Hackett was pleased to announce a special "20/20 Hero Vision" financing program. According to the chairman, any service member registering for an automatic payment deduction will be preapproved to drive off the lot in their brand new Mustang for $0 down and 20% APR interest over 20 years.

"I've always believed in the saying, 'built Ford tough,'" said Hackett. "And, I truly believe that the only thing built tougher than a Ford are our nation's fearless defenders who safeguard our way of life. This steel pony is for you."

Ford Mustang—Deployment Edition Interior Rendering

Special thanks to B. Curry for graphics.