DoD forced to release Guantanamo detainee who came out as transgender

GUANTANAMO BAY — The Pentagon has released an unlawful enemy combatant from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility after learning the male detainee was actually a transgender woman, sources confirmed.

"Detainee MA-063 has been sent back to Morocco, where we are hopeful that she will be accommodated and cared for during this difficult time," said Navy Cmdr. Anne Reitzkof.

The release of the detainee came after Guantanamo quietly changed its policy to ban openly-transgender military prisoners, mirroring similar restrictions on transgender men and women from serving in the military.

The detainee, born as Ahmad Abdullah, has told reporters she wishes to be referred to as Aisha Bint-Abdullah Al-Muzakr.

Although a senior medical officer at the facility recently said the military would consider offering gender transition services to detainees, DoD restrictions still in place forced officials to send the detainee back to her country of origin.

Before being transported to a military aircraft, Aisha made a brief but impassioned plea to instead join the U.S. Army as an intelligence analyst, though she was ultimately denied.