Grunt-Turned-POG Insults POG-Turned-Grunt

OP OMAR – Company-level staff at Kilo Company confirmed today that a Grunt-Turned-POG had gone off on another rant about how much he hates POGs.

According to eyewitnesses, Lance Corporal Bruno Walz spent the better part of his 2200-0600 shift in the Combat Operations Center eating the contents of care packages and complaining about how much he hates POGs, who according to Walz, "can't fucking hack it."

A POG, or "Person Other than Grunt," is a pejorative term used by infantrymen to refer to non-infantrymen, as well as tank crew and artillery if they are not particular about receiving accurate fire support. It comes from the French word pôgué, meaning "that which will be promoted faster than you."

Walz, a five-year "super senior" on his third deployment, is a Marine 0311 Rifleman who stands radio watch when not running the company police shed. He was assigned to his present billet after his second nonjudicial punishment, for disrespecting an Intelligence NCO with two years time-in-service.

Eventually Walz turned his wrath on Private First Class Peter Moore, a 19-year old 0621 Field Radio Operator on his first deployment, who had briefly entered the COC to borrow a publication on the .50 caliber weapons system.

"Moore over there is such a fucking POG," Walz loudly exclaimed to no one in particular. "He woke me up last night to ask if we had any spare batteries for some patrol he was doing. Seriously, dumbass? Do I look like the fucking battery fairy? And he was just asking me, like we were buddies or something; not even standing at parade rest. I know it's 'Aye Lance Corporal' or some shit like that."

"I heard the XO saying the other day that [Moore's] bitch ass might be getting a [Navy Achievement Medal] for keeping all the radios working the whole time we've been here. That's his fucking job!" Walz snarled. "I helped find a weapons cache last deployment, and all I got nominated for was a dumbass [Certificate of Commendation]. That was for doing real Marine grunt work."

He then added he would never actually receive an award because he "tells it like it is."

The Air Officer, who had written up Moore's NAM for his role in a call for fire mission, considered correcting Walz, but then decided to get back to watching The Walking Dead.

"If you're not a grunt, you're just in support!" Walz remarked, ignoring his current support role and that he hadn't been on a single patrol since arriving in-country.

Walz also described Moore as a "prissy bitch" for admitting that he was still a virgin and that he and his fiancee were going to wait until after deployment to get married.

"That's free money right there," Walz said. "What, he thinks he's too good for it? I married both my first and second wives before deployment and was making bank. That is until I came back and those bitches had cleaned me out."

Walz clarified that he was not referring to the exotic dancer he is currently dating.

Moore could not be reached for comment by publication time. Sources at the company report he was pulling security at a suspected IED site on ASR Chicago.

Duffel Blog Investigative Reporter Lee Ho Fuk also contributed to this report.