Guy squeezing into his uniform putting a lot of faith in one critical button

PORT HUENEME, Cailf — In a time of budget cuts, increased shift-hours, and minimum manning, the Airmen of a California Air National Guard unit are finding an unlikely hero in a small green button.

The fourth button down on Tech Sgt. Miguel Santos' blouse has been defying all the odds, sources say. Holding back a massive gut for months now, the outstretched button has become an inspiration to the men and women of the 146th Airlift Wing.

Santos, who separated from active duty last November, has put on a significant amount of weight, as is tradition among new Guard members. But instead of buying a new uniform, Santos has chosen to squeeze into his active duty uniform.

"The button is a reminder to hold on even when the pressure is seemingly too great," he told reporters.

"Experts here at the 146th predicted the button would pop 30 cheeseburgers ago," said Master Sgt. Johnathan Styles, who works in the Physical Assessment Cell on base. "But even some of our engineers on base are unable to explain the phenomenon."

"Its hard to tell if he's optimistic about his weight or if he's just too cheap to buy a larger blouse," said Senior Airman Austin Burke, a co-worker of Santos. "Because he is also the guy who never brings in donuts but eats them whenever someone else does."

“When the button eventually does pop off," says Lt. Col. Felix Hernandez. "We will be framing it and hanging it in our heritage/pizza party room."